The black deeds of BLF and hypocrisy of Karima Baloch – by Mujahid Baloch

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  • mujahed
  • Thanks to Baloch Republican Army for shutting up the mouth of a few propagandists by informing the Baloch nation about Sahiji incident in a detailed report. The statement exposed the ill-intentioned criticism and accusations against BRA and reiterated the fact that BRA is a responsible organization and considers it their duty to inform the nation about their actions.I am sure that every Baloch felt happiness after reading this statement of BRA because of realisation of the fact that those who fight for their safety and freedom are ready to be accountable for their deed before the nation. By taking this step, BRA has set an example that any institution or organization has to struggle according to a constitution based on the principle of freedom of Balochistan, and that they need to accountable in front of the nation which is a very essential part of the freedom movement. All other organizations should also adopt this principle.The nation should be encouraged by this extraordinary step of BRA to examine the performanceof other organizations as well, and question the people who play dubious roles in the name of Baloch national struggle but their real face is not different than BNP and National Party. In my view, even BNP and NP are better than these people because the former openly oppose the national struggle while the latter kill innocent Baloch in the name of the struggle. Today the nation demands Karima Baloch, BLF and BNM to present theirselves in the court of Baloch public and answer our questions.Some of the people killed during the military operation after their release from BRA custody are said to be members of Baloch National Movement, which was later confirmed by BNM leader Hammal Haidar. Now the question is: was BRA being targeted by Karima Baloch-led unjust and aggressive criticism because the aforementioned people were members of BNM? The Baloch nation asks Karima Baloch, Hammal Haider and the leadership of BNM to clarify their party policy in front of the masses because they claim to reject the constitution and parliament of Pakistan but their members (Sahiji incident victims) have been working against theBaloch national interest under the supervision of the Pakistani government. Which party policieswere those BNM members following by accepting Pakistan and working for its interest, while remaining in a pro-independence party? Was it in the knowledge of BNM that its member Raheem Baloch was working as a contractor on a link road associated with the so-called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor? Was it not BNM’s responsibility to investigate its member and interrogate him on why he was working against Baloch interest under state supervision? Does the constitution of BNM allow its members to be part of state-backed anti-Baloch activities?If the policies of Karima Baloch and BNM can allow their activists to be a part of state’s projects against the Baloch interest then i suggest that Karima Baloch and BNM should remove their double standards based tag of freedom struggle and declare their real policies like BNP and NP,
  • and openly join the state to run their illegal businesses of drugs and diesel smuggling under state-supervision like Shafiq Mengal, Siraj Raisani, Rashid Pathan, Sanallah Zehri and Sarfraz Bugti (aka Sarfraz Bhatti). Otherwise, they have to present themselves in the Baloch court and be held accountable. There is a huge list of innocent Baloch people who were killed after being labelled as traitors by BLF at the behest of BNM only because of personal enmity or after they refused to pay extortionmoney. On 9th September 2012, BLF claimed responsibility for killing Akhtar Rind s/o Behram after getting him killed through a family feud, but BLF never brought forward the true motives behind his killing. Why?In Shakro Bill area of Dasht, all members of a family including two women were brutally killed after being labelled as traitors. Their photos and videos were posted on Facebook but no proof of them being traitors was ever released. File closed.Besides, Jawan Malik w/o Habib and their son Niaz Habib were killed. Similarly, Jawan Malik’s sister Mayel and her son Diljan Omar were killed after being labelled as an informer but no evidence against them was ever published. Hammal s/o Sabzal and Late Niaz’s brother Hamzad s/o Habib were mercilessly killed at Bil Nagor cross in a similar pattern. Karima Baloch, what kind of justice is it to kill such a large number of innocent people and members of same family after accusing them of being traitors, but never giving any proof of theirwrongdoings?Ali Washdil was killed during a bet between BLF fighters on whose bullets will hit him first. Did Karima Baloch or anybody else ask BLF as to what was the crime of that man? Sharif s/o Ghulam Mohammad r/o Mand was killed because he couldn’t pay extortion money. Where were you Karima Baloch back then?Sister of young Nabil Baloch from Mand asked BLF through media to explain the killing of her brother and said that they would have no regret on his death if BLF provided evidence against him. She said they were not as sad on death of her brother as they were on the accusation against him for being an informer. BLF never provided any evidence and neither did Karima or BNP express any concerns.Similarly, the responsibility of killing Sameer Baloch from Mand was accepted but the answer to why he was killed was never given. BLF immediately accepted the responsibility of killing Chacha Ahmad Wahid Baksh’s son but never explained the reason for killing him.Two years ago, BLF accepted responsibility for killing two Baloch engineers in Hushkabad area of Tump but distanced itself from the killings the next day as a result of public reaction. No explanation, no apology, just a statement and justice served!
  • The list of black deeds of BLF in the name of Baloch national struggle is very long but i hope theones i mentioned will provide enough reason to Karima Baloch to demand BLF to present itself in the court of Baloch masses and be held accountable for all their black deeds.