Blood-thirsty state targeting Baloch activists and IDPs even outside Balochistan – Sherbaz Bugti

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dTAn activist of Baloch Republican Party, Sher Baz Bugti has said in a statement that the blood-thirsty forces of Pakistan was creating difficulties for the life of Baloch activists even in abroad. He said that the armed goons of so-called “Peace Force” attacked the houses of Bugti Baloch IDPs in Nawabshah, Sindh on the directives of Sarfaraz Bugti, the Pakistani interior minister in Balochistan.

Sherbaz Bugti said that the sanctity of households were badly violated during the unwarranted raids and women and children were inhumanely tortured by the state-sponsored criminals. 

He said six innocent Bugti IDPs were abducted who have been identified as Dur Mohammad s/o Jeyand Bugti , Ramzan s/o Jeyand Bugti, Hazadi s/o Jeyand Bugti, Dora s/o Jeyand Bugti, Wazeer Khan s/o Pathan Bugti and Rozi s/o Ramzan Bugti. The abducted people belong to same family and among them are four brothers.

Sherbaz Bugti said that these people have been attacked and abducted only because they were his relatives. “They are being punished because of being Baloch and my relatives” he added.

These people, he said, were forced to migrate from their hometown Dera Bugti after the killing of Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti by Pakistan Army in a military operation on 26 August 2006. They have been living in miserable condition in many parts of Sindh where they have been targeted by the state-backed criminals on the directions of the so-called interior minster of Balochistan.

Sherbaz Bugti claimed that none of the abducted people belonged to any political or armed organization. He rubbished the claims of the Pakistani officials regarding “no military operation in Balochistan”. He said no day passes without a military offensive; a Baloch being abducted or being killed and dumped in Balochistan.

He said that the Baloch people have rejected the forceful occupation and illegal rule of Pakistani state in Balochistan. Baloch people are being massacred for demanding their just and rightful rights. Sherbaz Bugti said that the Pakistani state has been playing double standards in war against terrorism. “The Pakistani state is not only dangerous for Baloch people but it is also disastrous for the peace and stability in the region”, he concluded.