Is Reading of Literature, History, Secularism Books CRIME for Baloch Students..? By Laila Baloch

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We live on the planet where most of the nations have touched the extremes of development and prosperity in almost all walks of life. The major prerequisite of such enhanced progress is nothing else but the physical, territorial, mental, ideological and intellectual freedom. A minor example to elaborate the above statement is that if your hands are tied you can’t even feed yourself. Unfortunately, Baloch are populace for whom freedom in its all forms and shapes is a distant dream. Their territory is occupied. They are being forcefully missed, mercilessly killed and cold bloodily mitigated. Cruelty does not ends here, but the height of injustice is that they don’t have right even to know and keep alive their history. The recent issue of Frontier Corps Balochistan which claimed on Monday to have seized a huge cache of anti-Pakistan literature during a raid on Attashad Degree College Turbat has raised the eyebrows of many people.

We can rarely find such examples in the world history where a nation can’t read the stuff related to the success stories of international heroes, history of its civilization and culture. If reading books is a crime then almost every literate Baloch is criminal because its known fact that Baloch youth is comparatively more inclined toward reading books and newspapers. Now let’s examine the material seized by FC that consists of some historical books, Baloch literature and Biographies of certain international leaders. According to a well-known Socialist MacIver,” Civilization is a ship which can sail to various parts and sets the conditions and limits of the journey; but the best to which we sail the direction and speed of the best and selection of opportunities placed at our disposal are work of culture”. It shows that in order to keep a civilization alive one should keep refreshing ones history and following ones culture. History is replete with such examples that when a force wanted to erase a community then it burned the literature and libraries of that nation. Thus, we can conclude that Baloch nation is wanted to be removed from the surface of earth as it is not allowed to keep its civilization alive.

Secondly, as for as the biographies of international leaders including Gandhi and Nehru is concerned, they are also prohibited in Pakistan. If we look at the other side of picture we can clinched either Pakistan wants to restrict the thinking pattern of youth or it is insecure regarding the inspiration of students gained from the fruitful strategies of those leaders. Besides, from the very first stage at school we are taught to praise the handmade achievements of its founders and rulers and to speak lie perfectly. I myself, being a resident of Sindh even after studying for eighteen years in the province could not know the history of my land. What I manage to know from the text books is that Sindh was conquered by Arabs in 712 A.D. Apart from this, the skewed attitude of Pakistan Government can be analyzed from the fact that it did not criticized the hostel of University of panjab where from the room of the Nazim of student Islami Jamiat club drugs and alcoholic liquors were found as much as they condemned Baloch students on reading books.

The crux of matter is that, if you want to read books on religious extremism, sectarianism or against certain ethnicities you can easily find even on book carriages on the foot path but if you want to read something productive which cultivate your mind or enrich your knowledge is difficult to find and keep with you because our LITERATE government consider it illegal.