BRP Sweden chapter organized a protest demo & a conference in Gothenburg agaisnt HR abuses in Balochistan

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11Baloch Republican Party Sweden chapter held a protest demonstration and organized a conference in Gothenburg, the second largest city of the Sweden. The activists of BRP & newly formed BRSO Sweden chapters displayed placards and banners with the pictures of victims of Pakistani forces and their genocidal policies in Balochistan.

Leaders and activists of the BRP Sweden chapter & BRSO Sweden Unit organized Yasir Baloch addressed the protest demonstration and distributed leaflets to the passers-by to spread awareness and inform the Swedish people about the ongoing situation in Balochistan including the state atrocities and gross human rights violations committed by the armed forces and intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

A conference followed the protest demonstration where the members of BRP Sweden chapter, human rights activists and Member of Sweden Parliament Mr. Varlet Mutt also took part. Addressing the conference Mr. Varlet Mutt expressed serious concern over the human rights situation of Balochistan. He said  “The Human Rights situation in Balochistan is terrible beyond the imagination of Swedish politicians and Swedish people.”

22Mr. Varlet Mutt said he was going to ask the Swedish government, PM and the foreign minister to take note of human rights violations in Balochistan and play their role in ending them. He said “I will urge the Swedish delegation to the UN to put pressure on Pakistani authorities regarding HR abuses in Balochistan”.

Leaders and activists of the BRP & BRSO Sweden chapters also talked to conference and informed the participants about the human rights violations, state atrocities, military operations, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial murders of Baloch political activists and civilians by armed forces and secret agencies of Pakistan. They urged the Swedish government and the international community to take immediate action to end the genocide of Baloch people by the Pakistani state and its forces.