Army brutalities continues in Balochistan: 11 people have been killed and at least 12 other abducted during military operations in Dera Bugti, Naseerabad

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12Pakistani forces have started a massive military offensive in many areas of Dera Bugti and Naseerabad early this morning. Dozens of armored vehicles of Pakistani forces carrying military troops laid a siege to several villages of  Dera Bugti and Naseerabad  including Beti and RD 238. Forces opened intense firing on civilian populace and heavily bombarded the villages.

Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources from the area while confirming the operation, say dozens of houses of the poor Baloch villagers were destroyed by the bombardment and many houses were set on fire by Pakistani forces. At least eleven members of a family were killed, the victims were identified as Riazat Bugti s/o Bagul Baloch, activist of Baloch Republican Party; Kosagh Bugti s/o Warna Khan, who belongs to Baloch Republican Student organization; Masso Bugti s/o Bakho Khan and two sons and a grandson of Mr. Ali Dost Baloch are also among the deceased.

Ten people were abducted by the forces. It worths mentioning that three members of the targeted family had previously been abducted and killed & dumped. Nakeef Bugti and  Gullan Bugti were abducted by the military and then thrown off from a Helicopter in Noshki in 2008.

According to local sources, Gunship helicopters are also taking part in this deadly operation and are indiscriminately bombarding the civilian populace of the area.  Army helicopters are bombarding the small village called Beti since morning. Last reports coming from area suggests that Army has handed over at least five more dead bodies of abducted people to the RD 238 police station. Death casualties may increase as the operation continues and the entire area of RD 238 is continuously under tight siege.

Pro-Independence parties including Baloch Republican Party, Baloch National Movement, Baloch Student Organization condemn the Pakistan Army brutalities against innocent Baloch civilians and strongly appeal to the international community and human rights organizations to immediately take note of Baloch genocide and state atrocities in Balochistan and pressurize the tyrannical state of Pakistan to withdraw its barbaric forces from Balochistan.