Balochistan quake victims face military offensives instead of getting relief. BRP Media Cell

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brp mPakistani forces have started a massive military offensive in different areas of district Dera Bugti including Doda Tiba, Tili Mat & Patfedar earlier Friday morning.

BRP Media Cell sources reported that Pakistani forces indiscriminately attacked the civilian populated areas and violated the sanctity of Baloch households by violently entering the houses, beating women and children. The forces looted valuables of the houses and terrified & forced the residents of Tili mat to leave the area and migrate.

Earthquake affected people were also attacked by Pakistani military helicopters in Awaran. The helicopters of the forces opened indiscriminate shelling on the earthquake victims where several people were injured. The people were targeted when they were trying to save their remaining valuable from the wreckage of the houses which collapsed as a result of a deadly earthquake.

Baloch Republican Party sent twelve trucks of aid to the quake hit areas but they were stopped, looted and set on fire by the personnel of Pakistani forces on their way in Bolan area. All the claims of the state officials regarding relief work in quake affected areas are nothing but efforts to confuse & stop international community & relief organizations from entering the area where the state forces are continuously committing worst human rights violations. Instead of providing relief to the affected people, the state is creating hurdles in the way of those who try to help.

DERA BUGTI: A woman lost her life in a landmine explosion in Sunri area on Saturday.

Levies sources said that the woman died on the spot after explosion of the landmine. Pakistani forces and their controlled death squad have laid landmines in Dera Bugti and other areas to target and force the residence to migrate from the area and pave the way for foreign companies especially China for the exploration of Gas and Oil reserves.