Baloch villages burnt by Pakistani forces during military operation in Naseerabad

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Occupied Balochistan: ُPakistani forces have torched several Baloch villages in different areas of Naseerabad during a large-scale military operation earlier today. A large number of armored vehicles of Pakistani forces besieged the area and indiscriminately targeted the civil populace.

More than a hundred houses of Baloch civilians were set on fire by the forces after being emptied of valuables. A press release of Baloch Republican Party provided the details that ” villages of Pir Baksh Bugti, Mughal Bugti, Rehan Bugti and Qasir Bugti, which compromises of hundreds of houses, were completely burnt to ashes by the state forces. The looted assets of the Baloch villagers included three motorcycles, cash and jewelries, stocked grain, livestock and other valuables. In other words, forces took away what they could carry on their military trucks and set fire on the remaining.”

Several Baloch were also abducted by the forces during the offensives. BRP statement explained the arbitrary arrests as ” … the forces also abducted a number of innocent Baloch civilians and took them away to an unknown location. Abducted people were identified as Siddiq Bugti along with his three children; Usman Bugti s/o Joro Bugti and Shah Nawaz Bugti s/o Bhagia Bugti. The exact figure of the abducted people could not be ascertained as the offensives continued. The operation affected Baloch villagers were left under the open sky with no food and shelter.”