Baloch Republican Party announces references to commemorate March Martyrs.

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brpBaloch Republican Party announces to hold references in the remembrance of the martyrs of March on March 17, 2013. Party activists will organize references all over Balochistan and elsewhere to commemorate the innocent Baloch victims of Pakistani barbaric army killed during the month of March in Balochistan. March 17 is one of the deadliest days in Baloch history. Back in 2005, Pakistan army laid a tight siege to the entire town of Dera Bugti on this day. All entrance and exit ways were blockaded and the inhuman forces of Pakistan attacked the civilian populace with its all might and aggression. The aim was to kill prominent Baloch leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

The entire area was heavily bombed by Pakistan army with full support from the air force as jet fighters and helicopter gunships made sure to kill every living thing seen on the ground. 71 innocent Baloch people including 19 children and three women were killed in the gory bombardment of Pakistan army. 270 people including family members of Shaheed-e-Azam Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti were seriously wounded in the military aggression and 60 people were abducted during the grand operation. The whereabouts and fate of the abducted people remain unknown even today after 8 years. Majority of the killed and wounded people belonged to the Hindu Baloch community of Dera Bugti. The entire town of Dera Bugti displayed a view of human destruction as no house in the city could escape the wrath of barbaric Pakistan army and all houses, shops, streets and fields were devastated in the bombardment.

Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the target of the March 17 bloodshed, fortunately remained safe in the military attack but he had to leave his hometown and take refuge in the mountains where he was killed by the Pakistan army in another deadliest military attack on August 26, 2006. From March 17, 2005 on, no day in Dera Bugti goes without any military offensive. Every day, the villages of poor and innocent Baloch people are attacked, bombed and destroyed & the blood of innocent Baloch people is shed by the Pakistani forces for its dirty designs in the area.

In another offensive, Pakistani forces raided village of Baloch civilians in RD 238 area of Sui on March 30, 2012. The entire village was set on fire and the houses were burnt to ashes after being looted by the forces. Many Baloch civilians were abducted in the incident while an aged Baloch woman of nearly 80 years namely Banuk Sazi Bugti was burnt alive in her house as she could make it out because of the old age. She was among the hundreds of victims of Pakistan army killed in the month of March.

It was also in the month of March when a mass grave was discovered in Dera Bugti in 2011. A Baloch shepherd spotted a grave where five Baloch men were buried. They were identified as BRSO leader Koh Dil Bugti, Ali Bux Bugti, Shah Bux Bugti, Iqbal Mazari, Rahm Dil Bugti & Khetaran Bugti. All men were abducted during a military offensive on December 05, 2010 from Dera Bugti. Another BRP leader Sher Zaman Kurd was also killed by the Pakistani forces on March 14, 2011 in Mach, Balochistan.

The aim of the Pakistan army behind the attacks in Dera Bugti and all over Balochistan was and is to strengthen its illegal occupation on the Baloch land and to loot and plunder the national wealth (i.e. the natural resources) of Baloch people. Pakistan army launch gory military offensives all over Balochistan and especially in Dera Bugti and other resources rich parts of Balochistan to force the local populace to migrate from the area so it can pave the way for Pakistani and international companies for loot and plunder of the natural resources.

The atrocities started a decade ago have seen no break and continue with full speed and gaining more intensity with every passing moment. Pakistani forces are conducting aggressive military operations in every breadth and corner of Balochistan. Pakistani forces raided several houses of Baloch civilians in Garamkahn area of Punjgor. The forces violated the sanctity of the Baloch households and abducted four Baloch from the house of Sufi Rehman Baloch house. All the abducted men belong to same family. Besides, the recoveries of mutilated dead bodies also continue side by side.  The bullet-riddled dead body of abducted Resho Bugti has been recovered from Sibi on Wednesday.

Baloch Republican Party appeals to international community, world powers like united nations and European Union, International media and Human Rights bodies to break their prolonged silence on Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan and send their working group to investigate past and ongoing injustices against Baloch people and military operations, gross human rights violations including continuous enforced disappearance and extra-judicial killings by state forces in Balochistan.