Pakistan’s army created dummy religious organization claims killing two brothers in Basima, Balochistan.

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Occupied Balochistan, BASIMA: Pakistani secret agencies with the help of local paid death squad personnel have attacked a house in Basima area of Balochistan. According to reports on Thursday night ( 21st Feb) the Pakistani secret agencies in an offensive raid have attacked a house in Basima. As a result of indiscriminate firing of forces, Abdul Ghani s/o Yousuf scummed to injuries, while his brother Pirjan abducted by the personnel of secret agencies. A new dummy religious organization of Pakistani military by name of ”Tafuz-e-Hudood Allah” have claimed killing of Abdul Ghani and Pirjan in Basima.

Pakistani army is trying hard to hide its crimes against humanity in Balochistan by using the names of several dummy organizations, in order to fool the international community. Pakistani military have created several death squads , such as Tafuz-e- Hudood Allah, Ansar-ul-Islam, Musala Diffa, Tehreek-e-Nifaze Aman and Aman Lashkar are bussy butchering the Baloch people in similar fashion as the Pakistan Army had used the Al-Shams and Al-Badar against the Bengalis during their war of liberation.