Kill and dump Policy intensified in Balochistan: Two bodies of Baloch missing persons found in Karachi

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M akhterKarachi: Pakistani state kill and dump policy is continue unabated. Bullet-ridden bodies of two previously abducted Baloch activists have been discovered in Karachi on Monday (18-02-2013).

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) confirmed that the bodies were found dumped in Sarjani town Cantonment area in Karachi. The VBMP further said: ”Both dead bodies were identified through pieces of papers found in their pocket as that of Maqbool Baloch (left) And Akhter Baloch (right).”

Victim Maqbool s/o Naimat Ullah, a resident of Gomazi, was abducted on 22 October 2012, by the Pakistani secret agencies when he was on his way to Gomazi from Turbat. He was offloaded from a passenger vehicle; witnesses and family members said the abductors were Pakistani security forces.