Military offensives in Dera Bugti & Jaffarabad: Three Baloch killed, many wounded. Villages set on fire.

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Pakistani forces have started a massive military offensive in many areas of Dera Bugti and Jaffarabad from early this morning. Dozens of armed vehicles of Pakistani forces carrying well-armed troops laid a siege to several villages of both districts including “Nodhan Shahr” of Dera Bugti and “Goranari” of Jaffarabad. Forces opened intense firing on civilian populace and heavily bombarded the villages.

Dozens of houses of the poor Baloch villagers were destroyed by the bombardment and set on fire by Pakistani forces and many people were severely wounded in the bombardment and firing. At least six people were abducted by the forces including three men belonging to the same family. Chari Bugti and his two sons Addo Bugti and Jabal Khan Bugti, Mol Khan and two identified men were abducted during the offensives.

Addo Bugti and Jabal Khan Bugti were already wounded at time of their abduction and later Pakistani forces killed them and their father in custody. The dead bodies of the three men, Chari Bugti & his two sons, were dumped in desolated places after their cold-blooded murder by Pakistani forces while the whereabouts of other abducted people remain unexposed.

Fears run high for more civilian casualties as the areas remain under complete siege and continuous bombardment of Pakistani forces since the morning and the wounded and other affected people have been denied access to food and medical treatment. Baloch Republican Party strongly appeal to the international community and human rights organizations to immediately take note of Baloch genocide and state atrocities in Balochistan and pressurize the tyrannical state of Pakistan to withdraw its barbaric forces from Balochistan.