Military operation in Kalat & Mastung: Many killed, dozens abducted by Pakistani forces. (BRP)

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brpThe Baloch genocidal policies of Pakistan continue in Balochistan. It was only yesterday when dead bodies of seven Baloch missing persons were found in different parts of Balochistan. It is needless to say that those men were abducted by Pakistani forces and their intelligence agencies during military offensives and other inhuman activities such as enforced and involuntary disappearances.

In a similar pattern again, Pakistan forces attacked just another Baloch populace today and this time the target was Mungchar and other adjoining areas of Mastung and Kalat. Hundreds of vehicles of pakistani armed forces carrying a large number of combat troops laid a siege to the areas and unleashed atrocities against unarmed & innocent Baloch civilians.

Many people have been killed in cold-blood during the offensive and more than two dozens of others were abducted and taken toward an undisclosed location. Sanctity of the Baloch households was violated and Baloch women, children & aged-people were harassed and tortured by the personnel of Pakistani forces and a number of people sustained serious injuries.Casualties are feared to rise as the area remain under tight siege of the forces and every kind of aid to the operation affected people are denied as well as brutalities of the forces continue with full intensity.

International Community, Human Rights Organizations, European Union, United Nations and all other civilized countries of the world are appealed to immediately take note of the ongoing genocide of the Baloch people and play their due and much needed role to end the atrocities of Pakistani forces against innocent Baloch people.

Besides, Activits of Baloch Republican Party & Baloch Republican Student Organizations are holding condolence references and other events today in all over Balochistan to pay tribute to the Sister of the nation Shaheed Banuk Zamur Bugti and her daughter Shaheed Jana Bugti. Shaheed Banuk Zamur Bugti was killed by the intelligence agencies along with her teenage daughter and their driver in Karachi last year.