Military operation in Pirkoh: Two people killed in bombardment, two mutilated dead bodies found

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brpMilitary operations in Balochistan continue unabated. Pakistani forces are continuously bombarding several civilian populated areas in Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti from past many days.  Today, at least two people from the same family got killed and two other wounded when rocket shells fired by Pakistani forces hit their wooden shacks. The deceased were identified as Buzoo Bugti s/o Sher Khan Bugti and his little daughter while his wife and his daughter-in-law were severely wounded. Dozens of houses have been also destroyed in bombardment. Fears run high about more loss of innocent lives as Pakistani forces endlessly continue their brutal bombardment on Baloch villages in the area.

Besides, two of the thirteen people abducted during military offensive in Pirkoh on Saturday have been found dead. The dead bodies were identified as that of Bahiyan Bugti s/o Arz Mohammad Bugti and Razzu s/o Gul Mohammad Bugti, the dead bodies were riddled with bullets and bore signs of inhuman torture. Their faces were badly mutilated and hardly recognizable. The whereabouts of other people abducted along with them remain unknown & it is feared that they will be killed in the same fashion.

The state always claim that there is no military operation underway in Balochistan while the fact is that it has never seen a break and continues unabated since the very first day. Baloch people have no hope of any good from any institution of the state. The government claims that situation has improved after the imposition of so-called governor rule in Balochistan but the fact is that is just another excuse to continue the genocide of Baloch nation as it is an open secret that Balochistan remain under the rule of Pakistani army and its intelligence agencies.

We strongly appeal to the International Human Rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and others to send their fact-finding missions to Balochistan and investigate the ongoing state brutalities and gross human rights violations perpetrated by the state forces against Baloch people. We request to the champions of Human Rights like United Nations, European Union and other civilized nations of the world to take immediate action against Pakistan on its ongoing brutalities in Balochistan and help the oppressed Baloch people to regain their right to live a free and prosperous life.