Baloch genocide at peak, military operations in Balochistan continues unabated. BRP

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brpBaloch genocidal policies of Pakistan continue unabated. A new phase of military operation has jolted every corner of Balochistan. After Mashkay and Mand, where dozens of Baloch civilians including women and children were brutally killed by Pakistani forces, fresh military offensive have been launched in different parts of Balochistan including Mastung, New Kahan, Pirkoh and other parts of Dera Bugti that continually suffer from the military operations from past many decades.

Yesterday, Armed forces of Pakistan raided several houses of Baloch civilians in Mastung and extra-judicially killed three Baloch men namely Rasheed Shahwani Baloch, Shah Jahan and Saddam besides violating the sanctity of Baloch households and harassing and torturing women and children.

Earlier this morning, a convoy consisted of a large number of armed vehicles carrying combat troops of Pakistani forces laid a siege to different areas in Pirkoh, Dera Bugti. Many villages including Bakir kohr, Sardaw, Hann, Haidaro, Kando and others were heavily bombarded, dozens of houses (mostly mud and wood huts) of poor Baloch villagers were destroyed and burnt to ashes. Fears run high about loss of innocent lives in the offensives but there are no confirm reports about the casualties yet as the areas continue to remain under tight military siege and heavy bombardment since the morning.

There is no media coverage to the continuous state atrocities, military operations, human rights violations including enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings of Baloch people by armed forces and intelligence agencies of Pakistan. We appeal to the international media, human rights organizations and civilized countries of the world to take note of ongoing Baloch genocide by Pakistani forces and play their due role to put an end to it.