Pakistan army has initiated a massive military operation in Mashkay town of Balochistan on Tuesday morning.

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Occupied Balochistan: Situation in war torn Balochisatan is worsening by every passing moment. Current wave of military aggression in Mashkay turned even tragic by leaving at least 31 innocents killed behind. Several Balochs including women and children have suffered critical injuries due to indiscriminate firing of Pakistani military. Dozens of Baloch nationals have been abducted from the area by military. Villages of Mahi and Hairy have been completely vanished by the shelling. Survivors were forced to live shelter-less in the Mashkay graveyard in harsh cold weather. Death toll may arise due to weather conditions and shortage of food and water. Though there is a dire need of humanitarian aid including lifesaving drugs but military has denied any one to enter the area.

People of the adjoining areas confirmed 31 killed and several wounded including women and children in heavy artillery shelling. Mr. Mir Sahoo S/o Rehmat, Mr. Ali Jan S/o Mir Sahoo, Mr. Khuda Bakhsh S/o Noor Muhammad,  Mr. Sad Ganj Sahoo, Mr. Jameel Baloch, Ms. Khair Bibi (70 year old ), Ms. Lal Bibi, Ms. Nazul, Ms. Haleema, Ms. Ganj Khatoo, Ms. Mahnaz Noor Muhammad, Ms. Gul Bibi, Ms. Sara Ali Jan, Master Sakhi Dad (2 year old), Baby Labo (1 year old), Master Bakhshi (4 year ) are among the killed. Mr. Sher Jan, Mr. Kareem Jan, Mr. Badal, Mr. Bakhshia Baloch, two infants and Mother of veteran Baloch leader Dr.Allah Nazar Baloch are among the critically wounded.

Military has whisked away dozens of youth, including Arz Muhammad Baloch, Shah Baig Baloch and Naeem Baloch. Military has dumped the mutilated dead body of Arz Muhammad Baloch in Mashkay Bazar a few hour ago, he was abducted last evening.  Nothing is known about the lives of other abductees.

Military aggression in Mashkay  is gaining momentum since its start from 72 hours, but media is still silent upon the tragedy.  To appeal the international bodies for intervention, Baloch nation is protesting continuously.