Deadly military offensive in Makran -Chitkan area in Panjgur is besieged, Four Balochs abducted from Gawadar

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fourOccupied Balochistan: Chitkan area of Pajgur is besieged since morning. According to details Pakistani military forces have cordoned off the area in the morning and door to door search operation is underway. While Parom area of the same district is under deadly military operation since last two weeks. Locals are not allowed to migrate even. News sources from the area report the massive human rights abuses by the military.

Meanwhile Belaar Haider, Hakeem Abagar, Sabir Muhammad and Moosa Ahmed have been abducted by the military from the coastal town of Gawadar.

Six abductions in the single day have been reported so for across Balochistan. Pakistani media is criminally silent upon the terror and torture tactics of Pakistani State.