Baloch Genocide : Three dead bodies were found packed in sacks on saturday,

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boriKarachi: According to media reports yesterday three dead bodies were found packed in sacks , dumped in an auto rickshaw from Garden area of Karachi. Autopsy report revealed the victims were severely tortured, and shot in the face before packing. Victims were later identified as Abdul Haq Baloch, Mujeeb Baloch & Sohail Baloch.
Pakistani State is carrying out Baloch genocide very efficiently. To terrorize the oppressed nations even brutal tactics are introduced by the State. Throwing the abductees alive from the height of thousands of feet by the military helicopters, dumping the mutilated dead bodies of abducted Baloch, or targeted killings by military sharp shooters were part of the previous design.

Now the sack packed style is an addition to mark the terror.