Day: November 27, 2012

Time to develop consensus and continue the struggle of Baloch martyrs – Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti

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Top Baloch leader and chief of Baloch Republican Party Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti has said that the occupying state is trying incessantly to create confusion and ambiguity in Baloch national struggle and to sabotage the great sacrifices of Baloch martyrs. Baloch nation will never forgive the people who use the name and sacrifices of Baloch martyrs for their personal and group interests. It is the need of the hour that we develop national consensus and move on with the struggle of Baloch martyrs. He expressed these views in a telephonic address to an event organized by Baloch Republican Party United Kingdom Chapter in tribute to Shaheed-e-Inquilab Nawabzada Mir Balaach Khan Marri, Shaheed Mir Haq Nawaz Bugti and Shaheed Jaleel Reki Baloch on Sunday.

He thanked the participants for their presence in the event and paid richest tributes to Shaheed Haq Nawaz Bugti, Shaheed Balaach Marri, Shaheed Jaleel Reki Baloch and all Baloch martyrs who struggle and sacrificed their precious lives for freedom of Balochistan. He said it is our national duty to continue the struggle of Baloch martyrs. He said that we indeed have our contribution in the struggle but it was because of the sacrifices of Baloch martyrs that today Baloch freedom struggle is internationally recognized. Following the path of Baloch martyrs, we must take more and more practical steps in the struggle. If earlier we had no opportunity then from now on we should try and achieve the great goal. We say that we are the people with great honor but I believe nothing happens by only saying, the time of words has passed; we have to practically struggle for the defense of our motherland to prove ourselves.

Baloch leader said the struggle and sacrifices of Baloch martyrs have encouraged us that we are struggling against a nuclear-equipped enemy. Thousands of our people embraced martyrdom but our morale is still high and we will never withdraw the struggle for defense and freedom of our motherland. He said the occupying state has involved some of its people in Baloch national struggle and trying to create confusion in the struggle and to sabotage the sacrifices of Baloch martyrs. We need to pay attention to it but unfortunately some people are using the name of Baloch martyrs to secure their personal interests but we consider it wastage of time. Baloch nation will always remember the sacrifices of Baloch martyrs who gave their lives fighting against the illegal occupation of our country because they are not only martyrs but also our national identity & an important and honorable aspect of the struggle as those people watered the tree of freedom with their blood. Sacrifices of Baloch martyrs are the beacon of the light for us and the best way to pay tribute to the Baloch martyrs is to take the solemn pledge that we will not let their sacrifices go in vain and we will continue the struggle until we achieve the great goal of freedom and we will never hesitate to pay any sacrifice.

A prominent journalist of London Mike Mullen also addressed the event and paid highest tributes to Shaheed Haq Nawaz Bugti and said Shaheed Haq Nawaz Bugti, who sacrificed his life for national rights, is an example and beacon of light for the youth who want to see their country independent. BRP UK organizer Mansoor Baloch, Yaseen Baloch, Samad Baloch, Abdullah Baloch, Nigar Baloch and other paid tributes to Shaheed Haq Nawaz Bugti & all Baloch martyrs and said the occupying state is working to make the yokes of slavery the permanent fate of Baloch nation and has crossed all the limits of brutalities and atrocities but resisting the state atrocities, Shaheed Haq Nawaz Bugti paid sacrificed his life and sent a clear message that we will never accept the slavery. Shaheed Haq Nawaz used to say “Learning history is so easy but making history is difficult, let us make a history of our self and make others to learn it”. Shaheed Haq Nawaz Bugti has done and proved what he just said. He made history with his blood by sacrificing his life fighting against the occupying forces and he will be remembered with golden words in the Baloch history.