BRP hails US for its stance about Balochistan in Geneva

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Occupied Balochistan: Central spokesman of Baloch Republican Party Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti in his recent statement has said “BRP welcomes the concerns expressed by United States representative in Geneva Convention about the deteriorating Human Rights crises in Balochistan and its appeal to end Baloch genocide”. He said United Nations, USA and international community should immediately intervene to end ongoing genocide of Baloch people by the state forces of Pakistan in Balochistan and Strict action should be taken and economical and commercial sanctions should be imposed against the state that has been violating international laws.

Sher Mohammad Bugti said the terrorist state of Pakistan has been carrying out genocidal policies in Balochistan that have now reached international floors. In conference of Geneva Human Rights Convention, US representative has clearly said that the security forces of Pakistan are targeting Baloch activists, their families, journalists, political workers and students through the policy of “Kill and Dump” hence the Baloch society is dispersing and opportunities of moderation are dwindling down. He hailed the US warning to the occupying state of Pakistan to immediately end Baloch genocide and stated “The oppressed Baloch nation expects that the civilized countries especially United States will intervene in Balochistan to end state atrocities and gross human rights violations as they did in the case of other countries and imposed military, economical and other sanctions against the cruel regimes” but he regretted that US attitude about Balochistan is not similar to what it was in the case of Kosovo, Egypt, Libya and Syria. “We have complained about this discrimination from time to time but it is always better late than never as our voice is now being discussed”. He said we strongly appeal to the civilized countries that Pakistan violates three main internationally recognized conventions i.e. Magna Carta which includes Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights & the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Pakistan is a signatory on all these documents and several articles of the documents are even part of its so-called constitution and signing on these documents Pakistan had promised it will ensure the fundamental human rights of its people in the light of these documents but its inhumanity has now been cleared before the world and now the world knows that there is no respect for humanity and human rights in Pakistan. The way Baloch genocide continues unabated for decades, the civilized world should take immediate action against the occupying state and impose economical and commercial sanctions according to the international laws because the very existence of the occupying state is dangerous for the peace and stability in the region and of the world as a whole. It has been deceiving the international community as a partner in war against terrorism and its real face was exposed when terrorist chief Osama Bin Laden was killed in its military stronghold.

He said state atrocities continued as the state forces laid landmines killed four innocent people including women and children in Phelawagh area of Dera Bugti last day. The deceased included daughter of Paleri Bugti, daughter of Yaqoob Bugti, daughter of Yar Khan Bugti and Khan Mohammad Bugti and separately state forces conducted a search operation in Saryab and Muneer Ahmad Mengal neighborhoods in Quetta, where sanctity of households were violated, women and children were harassed and many youth were abducted whose lives are in grave danger as the occupying forces extra-judicially kill and dump their dead bodies after forcefully abducted Baloch youth. World should intervene to put an end to state atrocities in Balochistan.