BRP announces references on martyrdom anniversary of Gowahram Baloch and Khayam Baloch

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Occupied Balochistan: Baloch Republican Party has announced references all over Balochistan on November 03, martyrdom anniversary of its activists Shaheed Gowahram Baloch and Shaheed Khayam Baloch. Party spokesman Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti stated that Unity among Baloch pro-independence forces is the need of the hour. Baloch national struggle is being recognized internationally because of the sacrifices of Baloch martyrs. It is because of the blood of martyrs that today the occupying state is morally defeated and now searching for new methods to create obstacles in the way of Baloch freedom struggle.

Sometimes, they use judiciary and other times they propagate through media and political parties but all these efforts of the occupying state to stop Baloch freedom movement has gone in vain and the struggle is gaining more momentum with every passing day. Spokesman said anti-Baloch forces are trying to create disunity among pro-liberation powers and continue to attack Baloch unity.

At this situation, Baloch patriots, intellectuals and academician should play their due role to save the Baloch from disunity and to organize and motivate the Baloch nation for the struggle to end the illegal occupation of Pakistan. For which Shah-e-Shaheedah Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Shaheed Nawabzada Mir Balaach Khan Marri, Shaheed Sher Mohammad Baloch, Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad, Lala Munir, Sana Sangat, Jaleel Reki and hundreds of Baloch martyrs paid the great sacrifices of their lives.

He announced the references in tribute to Shaheed Gwahram Baloch and Shaheed Khayam Baloch on November 03, martyrdom anniversary. Activists of Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization are advised to and the Baloch pro-liberation forces are requested to hold references on November 03 to pay richest tributes to Baloch martyrs and to take pledge that we will continue the struggle for freedom till last breath.