Two more bullet riddled bodies found in Balochistan on Thursday.

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Occupied Balochistan: Two mutilated dead bodies were recovered in Uthal town of Hub in Balochistan on Thursday.

Sourced said that some bypassers spotted the bodies and informed the Balochistan levies forces. The Levies authorities took the bodies and shifted them to District Headquarters Hospital in Lasbela for autopsy and identification.

The victims were identified as that of Rashid Mengal, a resident of Spiny Road Quetta and Bahadur Khan, a resident of Kharan Balochistan. According to the hospital sources Bahadur Khan’s body was four days old whereas Rashid was killed 15 hours ago; bodies of both victims bore bullet wounds and were shot in upper torso.

The officials said their identities were ascertained from two separate chits found in the pockets of the two victims. It, however, could not be confirmed immediately when the deceased went missing.