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BRP announces references on martyrdom anniversary of Gowahram Baloch and Khayam Baloch

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Occupied Balochistan: Baloch Republican Party has announced references all over Balochistan on November 03, martyrdom anniversary of its activists Shaheed Gowahram Baloch and Shaheed Khayam Baloch. Party spokesman Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti stated that Unity among Baloch pro-independence forces is the need of the hour. Baloch national struggle is being recognized internationally because of the sacrifices of Baloch martyrs. It is because of the blood of martyrs that today the occupying state is morally defeated and now searching for new methods to create obstacles in the way of Baloch freedom struggle.

Sometimes, they use judiciary and other times they propagate through media and political parties but all these efforts of the occupying state to stop Baloch freedom movement has gone in vain and the struggle is gaining more momentum with every passing day. Spokesman said anti-Baloch forces are trying to create disunity among pro-liberation powers and continue to attack Baloch unity.

At this situation, Baloch patriots, intellectuals and academician should play their due role to save the Baloch from disunity and to organize and motivate the Baloch nation for the struggle to end the illegal occupation of Pakistan. For which Shah-e-Shaheedah Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Shaheed Nawabzada Mir Balaach Khan Marri, Shaheed Sher Mohammad Baloch, Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad, Lala Munir, Sana Sangat, Jaleel Reki and hundreds of Baloch martyrs paid the great sacrifices of their lives.

He announced the references in tribute to Shaheed Gwahram Baloch and Shaheed Khayam Baloch on November 03, martyrdom anniversary. Activists of Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization are advised to and the Baloch pro-liberation forces are requested to hold references on November 03 to pay richest tributes to Baloch martyrs and to take pledge that we will continue the struggle for freedom till last breath.


Families of enforced-disappeared Baloch protest on Eid Day

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Occupied Balochistan,QUETTA: The relatives of enforced-disappeared Baloch activists continued their protest even on the holy Day of Eid and took out a protest rally for the safe recovery of their loved ones in Quetta city.

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, an organisation striving for safe release of abducted Baloch, had given the call for protest rally.

The rally passed from different streets in Quetta before holding a demonstration outside the Press Club. A large number of women and children took part in rally; they were carrying the pictures of their enforced-disappeared loved ones.

Mohammad Qazim a journalist from Quetta quoted eight year old Nazia as saying, “Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid at their homes but ‘come and see me!’ I have not coloured my hand with Hinna like other children and neither am I wearing new clothes. Because My brother Zafarullah is missing from past two and half years and I do not know about his condition.”

Baloch political parties and the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons say that thousands of Baloch have been enforced-disappeared by Pakistan’s security agencies since 2000 after ex Pakistani dictator Musharraf declared war in Balochistan and the first phase of the current Baloch struggle started.

Abdul Qadeer Baloch, the vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, told media that, “Since 2000 at least 14400 Baloch have been forcefully disappeared by Pakistani security agencies. Five hundred and fifty people among them have been killed in custody and dumped away whereas around four hundred people have been target killed. Now a days they do not arrest but directly target kill people.” It must be noted that Abdul Qadeer Baloch’s son Jalil Reki was also abducted and later his mutilated and tortured body was found dumped.

People from far flung areas of Balochistan also had come to join the protest rally in Quetta. One such person was a Baloch woman from Kech – 700km away from Quetta – who instead of celebrating Eid travelled all way to participate in the protest to highlight the illegal arrest of her grandfather Munshi Mohammad Bakhsh Baloch. Mr. Baloch, a 75-year-old farmer, resident of Kallag Sami, Tehsil Turbat, district Kech, Balochistan, was offloaded from a passenger vehicle at Jasuk FC check post on June, 20 this year.

The Home Minister of Balochistan, however, said that the number of abducted Baloch is only 98 but when the Supreme Court of Pakistan started to hear the cases of abducted Baloch in Quetta – over one hundred and fifty cases were registered in first three days.

It is also pertinent to mention that most Baloch families have boycotted the Supreme Court hearings saying that they do not expect any justice from Pakistani judiciary. They demand from the UN and other international human rights organisations to independently investigate the cases of enforced-disappearances in Balochistan.

The participants of the rally appealed to the international Human Rights Organisations to take notice of the enforced-disappearances in Balochistan.


Baloch Pro-Independent Leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti lashes out at Akhtar Mengal

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ZURICH: Brahamdagh Bugti has alleged that the Balochistan National Party (BNP) leader Akhtar Mengal has let down Balochistan’s nationalist movement by deciding to go to Islamabad to present his six points for the resolution of the province’s issue.

Speaking to ‘The News’ here, the exiled leader of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) criticised Akhtar Mengal for “playing the game of the establishment” at a “wrong time”. Bugti, who was given asylum in Switzerland after fleeing with his family via Afghanistan, said Akhtar Mengal had let down the Baloch sentiments and his party had ill-advised him.

“His six points have nothing to do with the interests of the Baloch. Why didn’t he go to Balochistan where the people are affected? It’s beyond our comprehension. He felt safe in Islamabad and didn’t bother to visit his native Balochistan where he perhaps feels threatened and marginalised. He has shown that he is not accessible to his own people,” said Bugti.

The hardline young leader said the timing of Mengal’s visit was wrong and he blamed Mengal’s party stalwarts for advising him to go to Islamabad to appear before the Supreme Court and do the media talks. He said Mengal was trying to present himself as a leader of the “misplaced, missing and wronged people” but the misplaced families have said that they had not left their areas for “Mengal’s six points”. “He doesn’t represent the victims and should not try to do so,” said Bugti, who is actively campaigning in Switzerland to highlight Balochistan’s issue with the help of Mehran Baloch, his brother-in-law and Balochistan’s representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Bugti said he was speaking to several nationalist organisations and soon many parties could merge into one large party to “better serve the interests of Balochistan”. “Consensus among Baloch is growing that they need to unite for their country and to stop human rights violations.”He said Akhtar Mengal need to answer if any secret deals had been signed and what’s being negotiated in the name of Baloch people.

Bugti lived for about half a year in Geneva but then he was advised by the Swiss government to move to Zurich for security reasons. He lives here at a secret suburban location under tight security. Some of the security has been provided by the Swiss government but he has around a dozen bodyguards he was allowed to bring from his native Bugti tribe. His house is monitored round-the-clock by the Swiss security services and he is accompanied everywhere by his security staff. Bugti told ‘The News’ he felt safer in Zurich but didn’t afford to compromise on his personal security.

It is understood that Bugti was provided sanctuary in Switzerland after the American government leaned heavily on the United Nations Human Rights Commission for Refugees and several other western governments but Bugti still waits for a formal decision on his asylum case. It’s understood that he has been granted asylum and there’s no way he will be denied political asylum but due to political expediencies the Swiss government is not making the decision public – and not issuing him passport either, fearing that it may strains its relations with Pakistan further.

“I am still waiting for my papers but I understand that it can take a long time due to the complexity of Swiss laws. I have no issue here. I have no restriction on doing politics and human rights work.”

Brahumdagh confirmed that he had never been approached by Interior Minister Rehman Malik and would not entertain any request for negotiations. “Negotiating with Pakistani government is out of question. The civilian government is powerless in Balochistan, the real power lies with the military and the secret agencies. We don’t take the announcements of ministers seriously.”


Two more bullet riddled bodies found in Balochistan on Thursday.

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Occupied Balochistan: Two mutilated dead bodies were recovered in Uthal town of Hub in Balochistan on Thursday.

Sourced said that some bypassers spotted the bodies and informed the Balochistan levies forces. The Levies authorities took the bodies and shifted them to District Headquarters Hospital in Lasbela for autopsy and identification.

The victims were identified as that of Rashid Mengal, a resident of Spiny Road Quetta and Bahadur Khan, a resident of Kharan Balochistan. According to the hospital sources Bahadur Khan’s body was four days old whereas Rashid was killed 15 hours ago; bodies of both victims bore bullet wounds and were shot in upper torso.

The officials said their identities were ascertained from two separate chits found in the pockets of the two victims. It, however, could not be confirmed immediately when the deceased went missing.

Two more bullet-riddled bodies found in Balochistan

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QUETTA: Two bullet-riddled bodies were found on Thursday in District Lasbela in Balochistan on Thursday.

According to sources in the Balochistan Levies, some passersby spotted the bodies and informed the levies. Bela Tehsildar Anwar Ali and Balochistan Levies personnel rushed to the scene and took the bodies to District Headquarters Hospital Lasbela. The bodies were identified as that of Bahadur Khan, a resident of District Kharan, and Rashid Khan, a resident of Spiny Road Quetta. staff report