Seven innocent Baloch killed in latest military operation in Balochistan

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Pakistani security forces have launched military offensives in different areas of Balochistan, on Sunday night. Several people have reportedly been killed and many abducted during house-to-houses search operations.

According details the house a Baloch patriot leaders, Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai, was attacked in Kabo region of Esplinji in Balochistan whereas Pakistani security forces also carried out operations in Kalat, Mastung, Manguchar, Nagahi, Koh-e-Maaraan and Pir Ghaib areas of Bolan district. Eye-witnesses from the vicinities reported that Pakistani forces used gunship helicopters when they attacked Baloch houses in Esplinji area and due to the indiscriminate bombing at least seven people were killed and several wounded. A siege has been placed around the affected areas and all the entrance and exits routes have reportedly been blocked. People are not being allowed to take the wounded for treatment.

Several innocent people have been arrested and taken to undisclosed location during military offensives from Kalat, Nagahi and Bolan areas of Balochistan. Local residents were said be to in a state of panic and harassment after the unprovoked operations and there was a mounting fear that the Pakistani security forces might accelerate their indiscriminate rampage across Balochistan in coming days.

Condemnation: As the news of military operation and killing of innocent people spread in different areas of Balochistan, the Baloch pro-freedom political parties strongly condemn the offensives.

The spokesperson of Baloch Republican Party (BRP), Sher Mohammad Bugti, “Soon after taking oath as Prime Minister, Raja Pervez Ashraf pledged to resolve the problem of Balochistan on a priority basis. Unsurprisingly, the outcome of his pledge is no different from that of his predecessor, and as feared, the Baloch genocide will be intensified. In the eyes of Pakistan, the solution for Balochistan is termination of the entire Baloch nation; they are working on a policy of “No Baloch; no problem.

“We strongly appeal to the international community, the United Nations, the European Union, human rights organizations and the civilized nations of the world to end their prolonged silence over the Baloch genocide by Pakistani armed forces and pressure the state of Pakistan to immediately end the daily massacres of the Baloch people.”

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) has also strongly condemned the attack on the house of Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai and termed the military offensives as the continuity of Baloch genocide by Pakistan state. A statement released on Daily Tawar by BNM read that state security forces looted Baloch houses during the military operations.

The BNM charged the Pakistani security personnel were involved in gross violations of human rights including illegal abductions and killings of innocent Baloch activists. “Until and unless Balochistan becomes free and Baloch are the owner of their own state, foreign investment in Balochistan could not be beneficial to Baloch nation.”

Separately, the Baloch Lawyers Forum, Baloch Rights Council, Baloch Watan Movement and Baloch Fikri (ideological) Council, also known as Four Party Unity (Chaar Jama’ati Itehaad) have strongly condemned the military operation in Espilinji, Kabo and other areas of Balochistan.

They said that alleging the killed innocent Baloch as kidnappers was a drama of FC and military forces to pave the way for operation and bombardment on Baloch houses. The party announced a-three day mourning against the killing of innocent Baloch youth.

They urged the Baloch youth to be vigilant to counter the conspiracies of state forces against Baloch nation and get united to support the national freedom struggle on ideological basis.

Courtesy: BalochWarna