Baloch social worker killed by PPP backed drug mafia goons

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Karachi: A Baloch Doctor has been killed in Malir City as the extra judicial killings of innocent people by the government backed drug mafia groups continue across Karachi.

According to details Dr Rahim Baksh Baloch was sitting at his medical store, Rahim Clinic, when the armed gangsters belonging to so called People’s Aman Committee has barged in and shot him dead on spot. 

Bam Hal, a Balochi language news blog wrote that Dr Rahim Baksh Baloch who was also a renowned social worker was killed by the gang of Sohail Saalari. The blog further wrote that Saalari is ring leader of a gang that is closely linked with Uzair Baloch, the leader of People’s Aman Committee.

Dr Rahim Baksh Baloch has been at fore front to help his Baloch brothers not only in Karachi but in different areas of Balochistan as well. He was a devoted member of BNM (Baloch National Movement) and worked with Baloch Komakaar (Baloch Helper) to help the flood victims of Cyclone Phet in Makuran region. The deceased was brother of BNM’s Karachi zone vice president Mir Mohammad Ali Zaib Baloch.

It is worth mentioning that Siddiq Goth, in Malir, city has been attacked by the same gang several times in the past and previously Latif Baloch was killed when the drug mafia groups had clashed with the inhabitants of the area.

Meanwhile the Baloch National Front (BNF) has strongly condemning the target killing of Dr Baloch has said that the daylight murder of a Baloch social worker and senior member of BNM by goons of Peoples Aman Committee (PAC) is a grave conspiracy against the Baloch liberation struggle.

BNF paid rich tribute to the deceased. The statement further said that the inhabitants of Siddique Goth, who are living there for centuries, are continuously harassed by the occupying state. The agents of occupying states, in the form of Peoples Aman Committee, killed Abdul Lateef Baloch and injured many on 24th March, when the inhabitants had destroyed a wall erected by land grabbers. The PAC goons also disgraced women. Subsequently the heads of PAC assured that no more attacks would be conducted against the Baloch inhabitants but in spite of that harassment continued. This clearly shows that they have confirmed links with the occupying state and this has always been state’s tactic to ignite hatred and force Baloch to fight each other.

BNF clarifies it that any act against Baloch struggle is an unpardonable offense. The state machinery is coloring its conspiracies into actions by killing great person and social worker, Dr. Raheem Baksh Baloch.

The statement further questioned that what sort of good the murder of Baloch has done to the claimants of Baloch protectors? The current actions of PAC are uncovering their covert connections with the occupying state.

Dr. Raheem Baksh, 40, was an old member of BNM who had connections with the organization since long. He always remained active in social and welfare works including stationing of a free camp during Makuran floods. He participated in all camps of welfare organization, Baloch Kumakar (Baloch helper). He also used to practice as a doctor at a clinic in Malir on very nominal charges.

Courtesy: Balochwarna