75 year old man Mohammad Buksh Baloch is abducted by the Pakistani Paramilitary forces.

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Occupied Balochistan: A 75 year old Baloch identified as Munshi Mohammad Buksh Baloch was abducted by Pakistani Paramilitary forces (FC) in late night on 20 June, According to eye witnesses Mohammad Buksh was whisked away from Josak near the town of Turbat in Balochistan.

Mohammad Buksh Baloch is father of Ganguzar Baloch, an administrator of Balochistan university’s Turbat campus.

Baloch are living under a state which has no limits for moral ethics of human rights recent news of operation in Dera Bugti and killing of Baloch IDPs in Punjab is another wave of Baloch genocide.

The abduction of Mohammad Buksh Baloch, 75 year old man is another upfront about why Baloch have no trust left in Pakistani judiciary or Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), which is why Baloch are seeking for foreign assistant and intervention in Balochistan, because not only Baloch activists are being killed and dumped but even the Baloch elders are now the target of Pakistani forces.

If this doesn’t show the ruthlessness of Pakistani forces toward Baloch nation then Baloch nation may indeed doubt the intentions of those international human rights groups who are ignoring the plea of Baloch nation for a long time and haven’t played any active role to support Baloch movement, which is in itself shocking because there seems to be an increase in operation and checkposts where Pakistan army deliberately is abducting Baloch activists and workers like Mohammad Buksh who in this age has been abducted just because he is a part of Baloch nation.