Forces attacked Baloch IDPs in Punjab, 2 killed 12 abducted – BRP

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Baloch Republican Party press release said Pakistani forces collaborated with ISI-sponsored so-called “Peace force” also known as “Sarkari Lashkar” raided many houses of Bugti Baloch Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab and violated the sanctity of households and harassed & tortured all the family members including men, women, aged-persons and children. Forces killed two men namely Ali Bux Bugti s/o Mir Khan Bugti and Nabi Dost Bugti s/o Hair din Bugti at the spot by opening intense firing on them and abducted at least twelve Bugti IDPs including women  and took them toward an undisclosed location similar to thousands of other Baloch missing Persons who are detained & inhumanely tortured in notorious torture cells of intelligence agencies of Pakistan and their bullet-riddled & mutilated dead bodies turn up in desolated places of Balochistan every next day.


The names of the abducted women are Nazi bibi wife of Yar Khan Bugti, Dur Khatun w/o Nihal Khan Bugti, Shah bibi w/o Alihan Bugti, Bibi w/o Mir Hussain Bugti, Saida w/o Noor Hussain Bugti, Zar Khatun w/o Qadiro Bugti, Zarni w/o Gahra Bugti and the abducted men were identified as Naseebullah Bugti s/o Mirza Khan Bugti, Arzoo Bugti s/o Qadiro Bugti, Nadir Bugti s/o Naseebullah Bugti, Liyaqat Bugti s/o Ali Nawaz Bugti and Gohaal Bugti s/o Lahnra Bugti.

It must be noted that hundreds of thousands Bugti & Balochs from other tribes were internally displaced after martyrdom of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in August 26, 2006 by Pakistani armed forces. They live a miserable life in open skies in different parts of Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and thousands were even migrated to Afghanistan to save their lives from brutalities of Pakistani armed forces.

They receive no aid or help from any local or foreign human rights or refugee organization but instead continue to be attacked by the forces of Pakistan. Separate from abductions and ISI-sponsored suicide attacks on Bugti Baloch refugees in Afghanistan, the Baloch IDPs in Balochistan and Pakistan continue to suffer from attacks of Pakistani forces apart from sufferings of different skin & other fatal diseases. Several foreign NGOs tried to start relief efforts for Baloch IDPs but those were barred from doing so by Pakistani forces. Hundreds of Baloch IDPs died since 2004 because of lack of food & medical care.

Pakistani claims of peace & reconciliations efforts in Balochistan are mere propagandas to hide the crimes against humanity committed by armed forces in Balochistan. Every time they organize any conference or set up committee, it brings more intensity in Baloch genocide and human rights violations in Balochistan.

We strongly appeal to the international refugee organizations, human rights organizations, court of justice, civilized nations including United Nations and European Union to stop paying heed to the deceptive claims of the Pakistan & it’s all the institutions & immediately intervene & play their most needed role to end the sufferings of the Baloch people.