Chinese survey team attacked in Gwadar, one killed

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Occupied Balochistan: The Baloch Liberation Front’s (BLF) spokesman Doda Baloch has said that in previous day, our Sarmachars (freedom fighters) had attacked the group of Chinese engineers who were surveying on Gwadar Port, as a result of attack,one killed and another injured.

The BLF spokesman Doda Baloch while talking to NNI on Sunday night from an unknown location via satellite phone have claimed the responsibility of the attack on Chinese engineers.The Spokesman further said ,’’We warn that no investor is allowed for any kind of investment without the will of the Baloch nation’’,neither any foreign company or local investors are allowed to do any work.

We had made it clear number of times through pamphlets and press releases that Baloch are fighting the war of national liberation ,therefore all investors must refrain from investing on Baloch land,and labours shouldn’t work for those investors.

Courtesy: Daily Tawar