Pakistan military have started massive operation in Dera Bugti,9 abducted and a village set on fire: BRP

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Occupied Balochistan,DERA BUGTI:Pakistani forces have started another massive military offensive in many areas of Dera Bugti including Go, Pat feeder, Jani Bedi, Gazzi and Kattan. Large number of forces’ vehicles put a siege to the areas. Forces established many camps in the areas and set on fire the entire village of Zahro Bugti after looting the valuables of the houses. Women, children and aged-people were harassed and badly beaten.

At least nine people were abducted by the forces of Pakistan namely Zahro Bugti s/o Mandost Bugti, Jamal Bugti s/o Ganjo Bugti, Ruggah Bugti s/o Buggah Bugti, Leemo Bugti s/o Nasardeen Bugti, Toru Bugti s/o Chaddah Bugti, Rana Bugti s/o Ganjo Bugti and three unnamed man from Bakhlani sub-tribe.

They were tortured to almost death and loaded to the military vehicles in half-dead condition and were taken toward an undisclosed location where it is feared they will be tortured in notorious torture cells of Pakistani forces and eventually killed and dumped like thousands of other Baloch abducted by intelligence agencies, proxy groups and armed forces of Pakistan.

The areas are still under complete siege by the forces and injured people are not allowed to be shifted to hospitals for medical treatment that may claim innocent lives of Baloch people. As we have already said conferences and committees of Pakistan regarding Balochistan only generate new ways to intensify the genocide of Baloch people and their only aim is to misguide the world about state atrocities and gross human rights abuses by the state forces in Balochistan.

We once again fully appeal to the international institutions of justice, Human Rights Organizations, United Nations, European Union and other civilized nations of the world to immediately stop all kinds of aid to the terrorist state of Pakistan and intervene and play their vital role to put an end to the unending human rights abuses and other crimes against humanity in Balochistan by the state forces of Pakistan.