Aerial bombardments in Kohistan Marri leave dozens of people dead.

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Occupied Balochistan:The spokesperson of Baloch National Voice revealed that aerial aggression is now being carried out in Kohistan Marri on the instructions of Frontier Corps. Fighter Jets and Gunship helicopters carried out indiscriminate shelling and carpet bombardment on the civilian population, resulting in the death of about one dozen civilians and injuring several others.

The bombardment also caused the death of hundreds of cattle owned by the local population, which is their only source of income; the spokesperson appealed to the International human rights organizations to take notice of the brutalities being carried out in Balochistan.

The statement further said that in the continuation of the genocidal activities, FC’s head announced the aerial aggression over Baloch areas, execution of which took place immediately; Early Sunday morning Air force Jets and Gun Ship Helicopters carried out severe bombardments on the huts that the deprived local population reside in, particularly in the areas of Bhambhor, Taratani, Tadhri and the surrounding areas. This aerial aggression was further supplemented by missiles and rockets fired by the ground forces of Frontier Corps. The aggression which continued the whole day resulted in the death of women and infants too.

Occupying Pakistan army has also started to use modern chemical, nepam and cluster bombs indiscriminately on the civilian population, in its attempts to wipe Baloch nation off the map of the world. Due to the use of chemical weapons, local civilians can’t even breathe properly, which can further increase the death toll. The forces have also dug land mines on all the ways coming to and from the area, due to which even the injured civilians could not be taken to the hospitals. The spokesperson also revealed that the forces have threatened the civilians of death if they tried to harvest the ready wheat crops, due to which crops of worth millions of rupees are being lost, a burden which the already deprived and oppressed population would not be able to bear.

The civilians have demanded that the unbiased international and local media should visit Kohistan Marri for themselves and become aware of the graveness of the situation. The locals further said that the occupying forces do not only intend genocide through murdering the locals but have plans of economic genocide of Baloch population, to make them impotent in every area of life.

Baloch National Voice’s spokesperson said that as a representative organization of Baloch people, it had invited the Head of Human Rights Council of United Nations to visit Balochistan, so that they could witness the realities by themselves; the concern of United Nations over Balochistan is appreciative but International Organizations are acting as apologists over Balochistan issue rather than fulfilling their humanitarian responsibilities.

Baloch National Voice appealed to all the democratic and humanitarian organizations, including United Nations to immediately consider Balochistan issue in accordance with the International Laws, and to support the cause of Baloch National Liberation and to further the cause of International Peace, these organizations may immediately take action against Pakistan which has been responsible for jeopardizing International peace.