Pakistan cannot succeed in its morbid ambitions , Baloch have decided not be play in the hands of enemy: Hyrbyair Marri

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Occupied Balochistan: Baloch National perseverance and courage has shaken Pakistani state’s foundations  said Baloch Patriotic leader Hyrbyair Marri in a statement released to DailyTawar newspaper on Monday.  He said that the panic stricken  Pakistani rulers seeking solace by resorting to baseless allegations. Because of its  atrocious policies Pakistan is under intense external and internal pressure and to mitigate that pressure, or to create a misguided impression about the defensive activities of Baloch struggle, the Frontier Corps (FC) has now started a series of diversionary statements, said Mr Marri. Affirming his believe the Baloch leader said that all diabolic conspiracies being hatched against Baloch freedom  struggle would not be successful as usual because Baloch have learned a lot from their past mistakes, no one can misguide them with baseless stories.

He further said it is utterly impossible for enemy to misguide international opinion with false allegations without evidence. The allegations that Pakistan has levelled upon us and our friends are not new and  for sixty four years Pakistani officials and their like-minded politicians have continuously been repeating the same allegation but they have failed to present any proof to back up their accusations.

Three years back, in Sharam ul Sheikh, the Pakistani prime Minister had presented a file to his Indian counterpart about the alleged involvement India in Balochistan. It was well reported and remained under spot lights of media for quite some time. Later on it became obvious that the it was nothing but hearsay and a plethora of unsubstantiated complains which was rejected by India and other International Power, when they demanded strong proof and evidence, Pakistan authorities remained silence.

The same was orchestrated against us in London, When Pakistan was asked to provide evidence in British court they failed to present anything against us But we succeeded in convincing the British Court and an ordinary Jury that Pakistan has occupied Balochistan and Baloch people do not regard themselves as Pakistani citizens. [We told the court and Jury] that that Baloch people are not terrorists, it is Pakistan and its military that are engaged in terrorism. Hence, Baloch have stood up and are only defending themselves and their homeland, Balochistan. When they (British Court and Jury) become aware of Balochistan issue on the bases of these evidence they exonerated us of all charges. As a result, it has further become obvious to world community that whatever Baloch say about Pakistan is true and consistent with the impartial report of International Organisations whereas whatever Pakistani says about Baloch are not only lies but also is dishonest and misguiding.

The Baloch leader said that the submission of a bill about Baloch sovereignty at US Senate, the US’s concern about violations of human rights in Balochistan and the pressure of International Human Rights Organisations have forced the Pakistani judiciary to become active on Balochistan issue. He further said that Pakistani judiciary is more concerned about the existence of the unnatural state of Pakistan rather than saving the lives of innocent Baloch activists. That is why it (Judiciary) has held some hearings summoned IG FC, but he refused to appear before the court because of his black deeds, as result their own Chief Justice declared him the murderer of the Baloch People, who were abducted from a local hotel and their dead bodies were gifted to Baloch Nation.

Hyrbyair Marri said that the baseless allegations against Baloch leadership and the hue and cry about foreign involvement in Balochistan, are nothing but a futile attempt by Pakistan to exonerate itself from the proven crimes it has committed against Baloch people. Marri said the Pakistani state official [IG FC] has revealed that twenty foreign secret agencies are active in Balochistan but he did not have the courage to say that if he know the exact number of those agencies then why cannot he name them or arrest them and bring them before the public. Certainly, he doesn’t need the help of Pakistan Air Force to arrest them [“the foreign agencies”] for which has requested from the federal government eliminate the Baloch nation.

He further said that Pakistan has already carried out carpet bombardment of Baloch villages, over 300,000 Baloch have been forcefully expelled from their homes because of military operations, thousands of Baloch youth, men, women children and elderly have become victims of enforced-disappearances and hundreds of tortured dead bodies have been dumped in deserted areas across Balochistan. Pakistan has put padlocks on the coffins of Baloch leaders and its security forces are still guarding the graveyards in Balochistan. However, there are no sign of success for Pakistan that it has been dreaming for because Baloch nation has collectively decided that they cannot afford further Pakistani cunningness and the caravan will continue its journey toward the destination despite the barking of dogs.

At the end Baloch leader said that the panic of  Pakistani rulers strengthens of determination and solidifies our belief even further that the path and the strategy that we have chosen will be successful and it has the support and Baloch nation. Therefore “We appeal our those brothers who still have hopes from Pakistani parliamentary politics and are preparing to take part in Pakistan’s upcoming elections, not to provide legal legitimacy to barbaric rule of Pakistan if you go for elections than you directly or indirectly become a puppet of Islamabad and IG FC who hands are soaked with Baloch blood.”

Courtesy  Dailytawar
Translated by Archen Baloch