Iranian Border forces Kill two Baloch Commuters in Dalbandin

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Occupied Balochistan,DALBANDIN:According to local reports Mohammed Afzal Qamberzai and Ali Baksh Qamberzai resident of Dalbandin city of Fazal colony were shot to kill in an unprovoked attack by Iranian border forces, the Pasdarane Inqalab, while crossing the border.

The immediate family members of the two unfortunate slain Baloch said that both were common commuters shuttling on the border for minor border trades locally known as “Baddoki”.

Pakistani local officials tight lipped on this unprovoked extra judicial killing of these two unfortunate Baloch minor traders.

It is worth mentioning here that entire Balochistan economy is dependent on border trades. And that is the only source of income for common Baloch people on both sides of the arbitrary border. Sometimes Iranians imposes tough restriction on commuters, of “Baddoki traders”, that is to carrying goods on back and selling them on the other side of the border.

Courtesy: Daily Tawar