Baloch Republican Party hails the American decision to cut the aid to Pakistan

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Occupied Balochistan:Baloch Republican Party (BRP) hails the American decision to cut the aid to Pakistan in response to long imprisonment sentence to Shakeel Afridi by Pakistan, the man who helped America in search for Alqaeda chief Osama Bin Laden. It is pleasing that international community and America has realized that Pakistan made Alqaeda ”Alfaida” (advantageous) to hold its existence and deceived the world by becoming a partner in global war against terrorism.

The statement of Choudary Ahmad Mukhtar about Pakistani army’s involvement in Osama Bin Laden’s execution is a tight slap on the face of all those officials of the anti-Baloch state who say they were not aware of Abbotabad incident. America and International community now acknowledge the double standards of Pakistan although the Baloch nation had the opinion from the day first that Pakistan is a chiseler but the Americans understood it now that Pakistan has been receiving too much money of their tax payers but in return instead of eradication of Alqaeda extremists and terrorists, it’s security establishment has been assisting the terrorists. Not only this, Pakistan has been also looting millions of dollars from the Alqaeda in the name of safe havens and protection and deceived Alqaeda for its own benefit and fooled Osama bin laden about American hunt and ensured him security.

Pakistan sentenced Shakeel Afridi for long imprisonment under its rotted laws instead of rewarding and honoring him for his assistance in search of Alqaeda chief Osama Bin Laden. In response, US senate committee expressed anger over it and passed the bill of cut into the aid to Pakistan which was supported by both Democratic Party and Republican Party unanimously. Baloch nation welcomes this move and hope that America has now realized that Pakistan is a tyrant and anti-Baloch state and has been playing a key role in destroying the peace and stability of the region by protecting and supporting terrorists and extremists. This bill is the endorsement of truth and the opinion of Baloch people.

We appeal to America and International Community that only cut into the aid to Pakistan is not enough, they should completely stop every financial and other aid to the state that has been perpetrating gross human rights violations and war crimes against Baloch people and Pakistan should be sanctioned under the international laws. We appeal them to announce complete ethical and financial support for Baloch people in struggle of independence and immediately intervene and play their role to end state terrorism and atrocities against Baloch people.