Pakistan has extended its Baloch genocidal policies from Balochistan to Afghanistan: Sher Mohammad Bugti

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OccupiedBalochistan:The central spokesman of Baloch Republican Party’s (BRP) Sher Mohammad Bugti said,the Baloch genocidal policies of Pakistan have been extended to Afghanistan. We appeal to the United Nations and International humanitarian organizations to take notice of state atrocities against the Baloch people and play their vital and practical role to put an end to them.

We have been saying from the day first that Pakistan is using violence to defeat the Baloch national struggle. Baloch political activists and youth are abducted by the forces; they inhumanely torture them in the notorious torture cell and subsequently kill and dump their bullet-riddled and mutilated dead bodies.

But all these crimes against humanity committed by the state go unnoticed by the world because the state lies by terming them as propaganda against the state but the recent report of the Digest Prayer Global for the U.S. Center for World Mission has discovered that the state forces are planning to massacre the Baloch (Bugti) refugees in Afghanistan, who had migrated to Afghanistan after the massive military operation in Balochistan in 2005 for the sake of the safety of their lives. Prior to this revelation, many attacks to assassinate the chief of BRP Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti were conducted by the forces of Pakistan which were later investigated by the international bodies.

We appeal to the international bodies to gain access to Balochistan particularly to the Marri-Bugti regions and bring up the facts of state atrocities to expose the real face of the anti-Baloch Pakistani forces. Pakistani forces have recently repeated the history of “Karbala” in Lyari where they suspended even the water supply to the besieged Baloch population.

On the other side, Dera Bugti operation continues on its fourth day and in fact has been expended to many areas of Jaffarabad where Pakistani forces torched a whole village namely “Goth Kaalo Bugti” located near UCH ling of Jarwaar Bridge. Forces looted all the valuables of the houses before setting them on fire. 10 motorcycles, 1 tractor, ox wagons and 6 horses were taken away by the forces and they snatched the jewelleries from ears of the Baloch women and all the cash was looted by forces. Ten Baloch men were abducted including Kaalo Bugti along with his four brothers, Laivo Bugti, Ali Gohar Bugti, Ali dad Bugti and two other Bugti tribesmen. The arrested men were shifted to an unknown location. Fears are high that they will be killed by the forces because the state forces are running the notorious policy of “Kill and Dump” against the Baloch people.

Despite the ongoing operation in Dera Bugti and the reports about the Baloch refugees in Afghanistan, if the state still claims that there is no military operation underway in any part of Balochistan then media and international fact finding missions should be invited and allowed to visit certain areas of Balochistan specially the Marri-Bugti regions to bring up the facts. We appeal to the international community to take notice of the anti-Baloch policies of Pakistan and take action against the state according to the international laws for an end to the state atrocities and barbarism against the Baloch.