Baloch abductions, extra-judicial killings on the rise

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Security forces force people to quit Dera Bugti to pave way for multi-national companies

Occupied Balochistan: The random abductions and extra-judicial killings of the Baloch are on the rise in Balochistan, read a Baloch Republican Party press release on Saturday.

The presser also read on one hand, Pakistani officials and the Supreme Court claimed that they were making efforts to recover Baloch missing persons and to stop the dumping of decomposed bodies, on the other hand, security forces continued to abduct, torture and extra-judicially kill them.

On Saturday, the press release read, law enforcers raided many houses in Dera Bugti and violated the sanctity of households, harassed women and children and abducted two Baloch, Afzal Bugti and Shakoor Bugti, the sons of Qasim Perozani Bugti. They were shifted to a torture cell where they were brutally victimised. Their only crime was to record the video evidence of the mutilated body of one of their relatives, Sabzal Bugti. The man was killed by security forces in a military offensive in Singseela area of Dera Bugti. Later, his body was thrown in the open and his relatives were not allowed to pick up the body for more than a week.

Besides, a child and a woman were killed when they stepped on a landmine in Ilyasi area of Singseela. The deceased were identified as 13-year-old Haroon s/o Haizhav Paahi Bugti and his mother Haizhav, it also read. The area always suffered from military offensives and the residents are threatened by the forces to quit the area so that they could pave the way for multi-national oil and gas companies. Drinking water sources like lakes and wells are poisoned and landmines are laid all over the area to force the residents to flee the area. Laying mines, poisoning the drinking water and burning houses are the worst war crimes being committed in Balochistan by security forces with no attention from the civilised world.

The only aim of the so-called efforts of the judiciary and claims of law enforcers about the recovery of the Baloch missing persons is to hide ground realities from the world. “We appeal to the international community, human rights organisations, the European Union and the civilised nations to take notice of worst war crimes by Pakistani forces. We demand that they send fact-finding missions to Balochistan to surface the genocide of the Baloch by the state of Pakistan,” the press release read.