Another child killed & woman injured while forces’ landmines claimed two more lives in Dera Bugti – BRP

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Baloch Republican Party press release reads : State barbarism continues in Balochistan. Innocents continue to die just for being Baloch. Military offensives continue with full speed and forces continue to kill innocents with no accountability from international community and human rights organizations.

Today Pakistani occupying forces opened discriminate firing on a Baloch family harvesting crops in “Dall” area of Pirkoh in Dera Bugti. A woman namely Dur Khatun sustained serious injuries while her young daughter Zar Khatun was killed at the spot as the result of heavy firing. On the other side, the forces’ laid landmines claimed two more innocent Baloch lives in “Tilli Matt”, an adjoining area of Sui town. The victims were identified as Shah Nawaz s/o Nadghi Bugti and Leerani s/o Raheemo Bugti. This incident raises the number of landmines victims to 4 within two days.

On the other sides, although the brutal operation against innocent population in Lyari district of Karachi came to a temporary halt but the fears run high that it will be started once again as a large number of rangers have been deployed on the entrance and exit roads of the area and a siege have been established. We condemn the brutal actions of Pakistani forces against indigenous Baloch population in strongest possible terms.

We, once again, appeal to the international community, European Union, human rights organizations and United Nations to take immediate and effective actions against violations of Human Rights and International laws of war by Pakistani forces in Balochistan and we appeal them to play their vital role to put an end to ongoing genocide of Baloch nation