Baloch Genocide: Mutilated bodies of two missing Baloch found in Uthal

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Occupied Balochistan: Bodies of two Baloch missing persons, whose relatives appeared before the Supreme Court on Monday, were found in the Coastal Highway area near District Headquarters Uthal, Lasbela, on Tuesday.

According to the Balochistan Levies, some passers-by spotted the bodies near Patar Bridge, some 25 kilometres from Uthal, and informed the Levies. The bodies were taken to the District Headquarters Hospital Uthal. “They were brutally tortured and killed by electric shock,” hospital sources said. Liari Naib Tehsildar Abdul Ghafoor Mundra said the bodies were identified as Murad Ali Marri, 35, of Kohlu and Dil Murad of Sibbi.

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons spokesman Nasrullah Baloch told the Daily Times the two men were kidnapped some months ago from Vindar area and were on the missing persons’ list. “Their relatives recorded statements before the Supreme Court that the men were missing,” Baloch said, adding that a total of 395 bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons, including 75 so far this year, had been found in different parts of Balochistan. (Courtesy: Dailytimes, Pakistan)

BalochWarna additions:BalochWarna additions: 28 year old Dil Murad aka Dilbar S/O Lal Marri and 42 year old Murad Ali S/O Suna Marri were on their way back to Jhao from Karachi when the Pakistani security agencies have abducted them from a check point near Winder, Balochsitan.

The family sources had said that both men were traders and doing scrape business; they had been in this business in Awaran area of Balochistan from past many years and everyone in the vicinity knew them. The men had gone to Karachi to sell a load of scrape on Friday morning (30-03-2012) and were abducted in the following evening.

Sources confirmed that both victims were relatives of Haji Jan Mohammad MarriHaji Jan Mohammad Marri who was abducted on 11 February 2012 from Karachi and his body was found on 13 February 2012 in Lasbela district of Balochistan.

The bodies of the deceased were shifted to Quetta for burial at Baloch Martyrs graveyard in New Kahan, Balochistan.

Meanwhile the families of the victims have said that since the Chief Justice is in Balochistan and the bodies have also been shifted to Balochistan, it important that the CJ sees the bodies himself. They said having a close look at these tortured and mutilated bodies will answer several question that are in the minds of the CJ and every common person. They urged the CJ to see the bodies before the court time to observe the torture, inhuman treatment and the pain that each missing Baloch under goes before being brutally killed and dumped.

Update on Case: Both men are close relatives and were abducted on 30 March 2012 on their way back to Awaran, Balochistan. Their families had contacted the local Windar police station to register a case against their abduction but the police had refused to register an FIR saying that they have no power to register cases against the ISI and other security agencies. The family then knocked the doors of court and had submitted a legal petition at Balochistan High Court. The court had summoned SHO Winder Police station and heads of intelligence agencies and ordered them to submit a full report about the conditions and whereabouts of these men on 22 May 2012.

Whereas on Monday the relatives of the Dil Murad and Murad Ali Marri has appeared before the three members bench appointed by Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr Iftekhar Chaudhry, in Quetta and had registered their case with the registrar of the CJ. The CJ had called both parties – the IG police, IF FC, ISI and MI and the family members of both victims of appeared before the court Today (2nd May 2012) to record complete statements. However, only one day after registering the case at CJ’s bench, the bodies of both men were found dumped in Lasbela.

Observers believe that this a clear message from the Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan to the Chief Justice of Pakistan that they do not regard him – meaning the judiciary powerful and the only power lies with the Military and the security agencies. It is also believed that the sudden increase in recovery of bodies of abducted Baloch is a message to the families of all those enforces disappeared Baloch who intend to appear before the Chief Justice that they should just shush up and do not speak against the Intelligence agencies’ crimes against humanity in Balochistan.