Day: April 16, 2012

Pakistani military bombardment in Dera Bugti, a woman & her infant killed,another woman injured

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Occupied Balochistan:Pakistani occupying forces have accelerated military offensives against Baloch people. In this phase of barbaric activities, Pakistani forces have been consistently bombarding civilian populated areas of Dera Bugti with heavy artillery, gunship helicopters and well-armed and well-trained ground troops. Most recently, Pakistani forces bombarded Pirkoh and adjoining areas of Dera Bugti earlier today.

The house of Gul Bahar Bugti – along with several other houses- was destroyed completely and his wife Khato bibi and his infant (child) were killed and another woman namely Aziza Bibi wife of Shakkal Bugti was severly wounded. No further details of the offensive could be reported because the areas are still under siege of the forces and the bombardment continues.

In another barbaric offensive of Pakistani forces on Wednesday, Pakistan forces killed 8 innocent Balochs in fake encounter during military offensives in Sangsela, Sartaaf, Bando, Jori,Kashi & adjoining areas of Dera Bugti. The deceased includes five women and three children while 12 civilians were abducted by forces during the offensives, whereabouts remain still unknown.

Similarly, Pakistani forces burnt alive an aged woman namely Bibi Sazi Bugti inside her shacks when the forces set fire on her shack during an offensive in RD 238 area of Sui, Dera Bugti on March 30, 2012. Many villagers were also abducted during the raids.

We appeal to the international community, European Union, Human Rights Organization and all responsible organizations to immediately intervene and play their role to stop the genocide of Baloch nation by occupying forces of Pakistan. ”