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Ali Raza Bugti and Rakhia Bugti, yet other victims of murder under occupier’s custody

Occupied Balochistan:According to details, a severely tortured body was found alongside the Sindh Balochistan National Highway in Dera Alla Yaar. The body was taken to the nearest hospital, and the autopsy reports stated that the victim was shot dead, his chest and his forehead were shot with two bullets each. The body was later on identified as Ali Raza Bugti.

On the other hand, Sher Muhammad Baloch, the spokesperson of independence seeking Baloch Republican Party (B.R.P.) exposed the brutality of Pakistan army by disclosing the murder of Rakhia Bugti, the Organizer of B.R.P. in Jaffarabad.

Rakhia Bugti was arrested (abducted) by Pakistan army along with 10 other people from Goth Salahuddin Bahrani in March 2012, Pakistan army unleashed its brutality on the locals and took these 10 people away without any formal procedure, such arrests and kidnappings on the orders of army officials has become an everyday happening in Balochistan. On 13th April, the body of Rakhia Bugti was found alongside the Jaffarabad Highway, whose body bore signs of the shots of several bullets, to make sure that he did not survive. However, the whereabouts of the remaining nine people are still unknown.

In the same statement, Sher Muhammad Baloch, also exclaimed that Pakistan was promoting religious and sectarian violence in Balochistan to counter the secular Baloch movement. He demonstrated deep concern over the lives of several innocent Balochs being murdered under the custody Pakistan army.