Day: April 4, 2012

Balochistan Home Minister Says Three Colleagues Behind Kidnappings

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QUETTA: Balochistan Home Minister, Mir Zafarullah Zehri once again said that three ministers were involved in kidnapping for ransom incidents in the province. “If Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Rasani allow me I will disclose their names,” he said this while talking to journalists after Balochistan Assembly’s session here on Tuesday.

Home Minister said that he had also informed the provincial cabinet during its today’s meeting and also disclosed the names of cabinet members. However, he said that Balochistan government was a coalition government and had some compulsions therefore the names of ministers involved in kidnapping for ransom incidents were not being revealed. If chief minister gave me permission I would public the names of minister, Mr. Zehri added.

He said that in order to improve law and order situation in Balochistan merit should be given priority while appointing officers in administrative posts.

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