(BRA) Freedom Fighters blown up Gas pipeline in Dera Bugti,

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QUETTA: A gas pipeline was blown up in Dera Bugti on Sunday, suspending the gas supply to Pirkoh Gas field from different wells.
According to sources, unknown persons attached an explosive device to the gas pipeline near Pirkoh Gas field, that went off resulting in a huge explosion. The gas supply from three wells to Pirkoh gas field was suspended due to the blast.
“A 16-inch diameter pipeline was blown up and its repair work has started,” an official from Dera Bugti confirmed.
A heavy contingent of security forces reached the spot soon after the incident and cordoned off the area.
Baloch Freedom Fighters Baloch Republican Army (BRA), in past, has often claimed responsibility for targeting gas pipelines in Dera Bugti. However, there have been no such claims for this latest attack so far.
Security forces have started investigations into the incident.
According to official sources, gas pipelines have been attacked 67 times during the past three months.