Day: March 26, 2012

Pakistan must stop atrocities in Balochistan

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Prominent Pakistani human rights activist Asma Jehangir wants Pakistan to put its act together for a time-bound mechanism to address the unrest in Balochistan while appealing for stopping “hair-raising” atrocities in the troubled province.Jehangir, who is in India as part of adelegation of Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) attending a seminar organised by Supreme Court Bar Association, said her country was going through a “very difficult” phase which was not comprehended here properly.

“I think that the government (of Pakistan) has to put its act together. First of all, the atrocities which are very tragic, which are hair-raising have to stop,” Jehangir told PTI on the sidelines of dinner hosted in her honour by South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA) and South Asian Women in Media (SAWM).

She said Pakistan government has to have “time-bound… political talks so that they can convince the nationalists of a sincere agenda which should be placed into their hands so that the nationalists can execute it themselves”.

The whole attitude of giving Baluchistan something should now disappear, she said, adding “the Balochs have to be in-charge as a province for themselves.”

Talking about 26/11 Mumbai attacks and Pakistan’s inability to bring the perpetrators to book, she said they have denounced it but at the same time India must remember that they go through terrorist attacks every single day.