BRP Spokesman Says Pakistan Day Celebrations on Gun-Point Indicate Popularity of Baloch Independence Movement

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QUETTA: The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has said the celebration of Pakistan’s independence Day in Balochistan “on gun-point” and complete boycott of events by the Baloch population clearly showed Pakistan’s defeat in the province and also indicated how much the Balochs hated the ‘occupying forces’.

Sher Mohammad Bugti, a spokesman for the BRP’s Central Organizing Committee, said Pakistan was left with no one but some “national traitors” to celebrate its national day on March 23rd whereas the entire Baloch population distanced itself from marking this day.

“We congratulate the Baloch nation over boycotting the Pakistan day and distancing itself from such shallow celebrations,” he said.

Mr. Bugti said the government had suspended cell phone networks in Balochistan for several hours in order to keep the people away from communication facilities so that they could not express their hatred toward Pakistan. The government was trying to convince the world that there was no freedom movement taking place in Balochistan but such tactics indicate the defeat of the Pakistani forces against Baloch freedom fighters.

“The Pakistani media only showed one side of the picture. As a matter of fact, the people expressed profound hatred toward Pakistan but that larger story was not reported by the electronic media because the media remained under the influence of the military,” he said.

Mr. Bugti, whose party is headed by exiled Baloch leader Bramdagh Bugti, said there was no question about initiating negotiations with leaders whose are involved in the abduction, torture and murder of Baloch youths.

“Our struggle will continue until the complete liberation of Balochistan,”he vowed.