Day: March 17, 2012

The Baloch nation will not allow IPI gas pipeline to pass through Balochistan: Hyrbyair Marri

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China’s demonstration of lack of interest in IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline is a positive step and an illustration that China wants to bring positives changes to its policies with regards to Pakistan. However, other companies including the German Company I.L.F engineering and Russian Gazprom have not cleared their positions, as Pakistan has several times gestured to involve them with the IPI project. We expect the International multination companies not to become a party between Pakistan and the Baloch by spending their wealth in controversial projects in occupied Balochistan. Baloch patriotic leader Hyrbyair Marri has expressed these views, mentioned above, in a statement to media here on Saturday.

He further said that both Pakistan and Iran are well aware of the fact that IPI project will not succeed without the consent of Baloch nation but the duo are deceptively trying to blackmail the United States of America by spreading rumours to begin work at the controversial project. Mr Marri further said that Baloch Nation is struggling against this blackmailer and fanatic state for their national sovereignty in accordance with International Laws. Hence, we hope that international powers will clear their position about Baloch National struggle according the international rules and regulations.

“We are facing repressive policies of occupying states on both sides of border. The best cadres of our society including professors, intellectuals, doctors, students, elderly, children and women are being selected, picked and killed under-custody by both occupying state [ Iran and Pakistan.] Extensive reports by International Human Rights groups and independent media reports are an eye-opener about the unlawful killings of Baloch youth by Pakistani security agencies.” The Baloch leader further said that Baloch are continuing their defensive struggle with their own help and strength. The world powers should not help Pakistan in any way which might suggest that they are becoming a hurdle in way of Baloch freedom struggle.

Mr Marri said “we would like to make it clear to all international companies that we consider Pakistan as an occupying state that is why until regaining their independence the Baloch will not accept any agreement made with Pakistan about the fate of Balochistan. Neither can the Baloch give any guarantee for the protection of anyone’s wealth in the occupied land of Balochistan that helps make Pakistan and Iran’s strategy stronger but weakens the Baloch liberation struggle.” However, after freedom the Baloch state, for the Baloch interest, will be willing to allow and guarantee all International Companies in a competitive environment to spend their wealth in Balochistan, he added.

Hyrbyair Marri said that Pakistan cannot hoist it flag in Balochistan and the so called national anthem of Pakistan is not played in schools, in these circumstances how Pakistan can guarantee the protection of the wealth of other countries. He has also categorically rejected Pakistan’s claim that Pakistani top officials had contacted the Baloch pro-freedom leaders to join the so called mainstream Pakistani politics. Mr Marri said “Our stance is crystal clear to the world and to the Baloch Nation that we have no historical, linguistic and cultural ties with this state [Pakistan]. We have not accepted this state since its coming into being, similarly the state by its violent actions have proved that Balochistan is an occupied territory.”

He said until the Baloch do not raise their voice against slavery, the Baloch genocide will continue right before the eyes of international powers. Past 65 years of state atrocities have strengthen the resolve of Balochistan people for their freedom. “We are trying to present the genuine voices of Baloch nation to the International community exactly according their aspirations.”

We are ready to have talks with Pakistan as representatives of two states. We expect the international community to view Baloch as a separate stake holder while making their policies with Iran and Pakistan about Baloch land so that the world community won’t fell in trouble like in Afghanistan due to wrong propagandas of Baloch enemies.

Mr Marri said that Baloch struggle has entered to a critical and decisive phase. Hence, all the Baloch parties that want to see Balochistan as a free country; they should unite and ask the international community that if the occupation of Kuwait by Iraq was not acceptable to them, then why do not they speak against Pakistani occupation on Balochistan? America and United nations rightly took action against human rights violations in Libya, Yemen and Syria whereas their conscience is asleep about the massacre of Baloch.


The 17 March of Baloch Nation

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by Diagoh

The 17 March in Baloch History is a day when the sun rises but dipped in red ink, it seems as the sun has soaked the blood of those 73 innocent Baloch victims who were laid to rest by the state with its sophisticated war heads aided by US military against Al-Qaeda.

The death toll reached 73 which comprised mainly of women & children, imagine if this happened in Kashmir or Palestine then there would have been a cry out inside Pakistan mostly the Ulema’s Council would have targeted India & Israel over the mistreatment of Kashmiris & Palestines, although we know that to enslave and kill one human is against Humanity itself & Baloch are part of that family which is Humanity but in Balochistan it is said but not done, If you ask for separation from Pakistan then you get the fist doesn’t matter what gender or age you prefer to, Baloch inwhole are enemy of the state.

Once ex-president of Pakistan Parvez Musharraf said that “we do endorse the idea of humanity but we won’t endorse the idea of Baloch separatist & would like to see them crushed rather than surrender” One can see what this sentence perceives and it surely doesn’t stands for Humanity serving, indeed it solves the puzzle what is the mindset of most Pakistani politicians & army personals regarding the Baloch insurgency.

One such incident happened on 22 March 2005 when a delegation of Pakistani Armed Forces led by General Shujaat Dar & Brigadier Salim and they stated “The March 17 incident was not the result of any planning but an accident occurred due to anxiety on both sides”, if this wasn’t planned than what would be the meaning of “Carpet Bombing” were they “Pakistani Army” spray painting the land of Dera Bugti or they were killing the Baloch victims as pest under the US Supplied war heads.

At this day Nawab Bugti said a famous “I Have No Solutions to offer the Government, they killed 73 of my people. They may kill 200 or 400. They may even kill me but they cannot kill the entire Baloch nation”. This was no accident it was a fully fledged cleansing the land of Dera Bugti of the supporters of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

The more strategic is this case the more it is violent, But there is a silent on the media over this case of mass murder because it is reported widely that those who were killed in a “Carpet Bombing” style cobra operation were actually insurgents, no reports filed no investigation needed this is 17 March 2005 where the target was Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti but instead it started a resistance that is still being carried on and had gained international light with more friends than foe.