Day: March 15, 2012

Pakistani military Aerial bombardment in Sui and Dera Bugti: scores of unarmed civilians killed

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Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani security forces have been bombing several villages near Sui and Dera Bugti all day on Wednesday. Scores of civilian casualties have been reported. Gunship Helicopters, heavy weaponry and fighter jets have reportedly been used by the Pakistani security forces.

According to details Sher Mohammad Bugti, the Central spokesman of Baloch Republican Party, informed media sources that Pakistan military have accelerated its offensive in several adjoining areas of Dera Bugti. Mr Bugti said that at least 12 people have been killed so far, the victims include women and children. He said that Pakistan military have abducted dozens of Bugti Tribesmen and taken them to undisclosed locations.

The people killed, so far, during the bombardment have been named as Hangal Bugti S/O Lal Khan, Wader Abdul Rehman S/O Wadera Shahi Bugti, Goddaa S/O Ezzat Bugti, Band Ali S/O Meer Dost Bugti, Gull Mohammad Bugti S/O Peer Mohammd Bugti, Durro Bugti S/O Rasool Bux Bugti, Karim Bux Bugti S/O Jamal Bugti , Barri S/O Peer Mohammad Bugti, Janar Bugti S/O Wasna Bugti and Jalal Khan Bugti S/O Dhani Bux Bugti.

A resident of Pasheni told Balochi Radio Gwank that Pakistani security forces bombed his house which killed his father (Wadera Abdul Rehman Bugti), mother, a brother and two sisters namely Padho and Raani Bugti (aged 7 and 10 years). He also said that two of his brothers have been critically wounded; he tried to take them to the hospital but the military forces stopped him on half way and did not allow him to go to the hospital.

Meanwhile Sher Mohammad Bugti has said that Pakistan’s claims of halting military operation and starting negotiations with Baloch leaders were nothing but lies. He said Pakistan was trying to mislead the world community in the name of dialogues with Baloch leaders.
Mr Bugti said that the military activities have been intensified in Pasheni, Buzz Kosh, Kalari, Takkar, Khadyli, Siyaah Takk and Marov. Peoples’ live-stocks have been bombed, crops set on fire and people are being forced to vacate the above mentioned areas.

He urged the International Community and International Human Rights Organisations to immediately intervene in Balochistan and take notice of Pakistan atrocities against Baloch people.