Deadly operation in Dera Bugti, 11 Innocent Baloch killed dozens abducted by Pakistan

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Occupied Balochistan: Occupying Pakistani Forces continued deadly operation in Kaliri, Pashani, Marv and adjoin area of Dera Butgi Balochistan. reposrt of heavy casualties.

According to details that Pakistani Security Froces continues deadly operation in Dera Bugti and adjoin areas. local sources conformed that 11 innocent villagers got martyrdom including children and women’s. The Names of Martyred people are Abdul Rehman, Mrs abdul rehman and his Four innocent children, Hangal s/o Lal khan, Guda / ezzat Bandili s/o mir dost .Gul mohd s/o pir mohd, Duro s/o rasool bux, Karim bux s/o jamal, Bari s/o pir mohd, jalal s/o dhani bux.

local sources aslo conformed that Helicopters and f-16 Jet Fighters also participating in Operation.

Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti the Central spokesman of Baloch Republican Party write on his twitter account that Brutal Pakistani forces continues heavy operation in Dera Bugti and adjoin areas, Mr Bugti Further said that 11 people got martyrdom in operation and dozens of Bugti tribesman were also abducted by Occupying pakistani forces during in operation in Different areas of Dera Bugti.

Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti also appeal to International Media, International Human Rights Organizations and United State to take the notice of Pakistani Barbarism againist Baloch Nation.