Pakistani brutal forces handed over Sabzal Bugti’s decomposed body after two weeks

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Occupied Balochistan: The badly decomposed bullet riddled body of Sabzal Bugti s/o Haqdad Bugti finally handed over to the family members for burial.Sabzal Bugti was killed two weeks ago by the Pakistani paramilitary FC force near their checkpost situated in Peersuri area of Pirkoh in district Dera Bugti.Since last two weeks the dead body of Sabzal Bugti was lying at FC checkpost,but the barbaric Pakistani military didn’t let the family members to take away the body of Sabzal Bugti.

Pakistan claims to be fort of ‘’Islam’’ while her soldiers call themselves the vanguard of Islam,but their inhumane acts are far away from teachings of Islam and humanity.The Pakistani forces kept Sabzal body in their custody for 14 days and during all this time they have dishonored the dead body. The body is badly decomposed as some parts of body being eaten by the wild animals.

After passing 14 days the cruel forces finally handed over the Sabzal Bugti body to family members and allowed them to bury the body.

The Islamic world has a deep pain for Muslim Ummah.They cry so loud for Palestine and Kashmir but they are deliberately silent on Pakistani state crimes in Balochistan.We appeal to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), European Union,United Nation, SAARC and International Criminal Court to immediately take the notice of Pakistani state crimes in Balochistan and also pressurize Pakistan to end ongoing genocide of Baloch nation.Human Rights Council (HRC) must suspend the membership of Pakistan for continuously violating the prescribed human rights laws in Balochistan.