The VBMP Voice for Baloch Missing Persons rally in Karachi

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Occupied Balochistan: The VBMP [Voice for Baloch Missing Persons] rally in Karachi went through all the levels of Karachi Classes that is from urban elites to the middle class.

The peaceful rally marched from Arts Council to Press Club of Karachi to illuminate the plight of family members of those Missing Baloch Persons whose only crime was they were morally in support or they were somehow related to Baloch freedom movement, some were even just abducted & killed because they were Baloch looking.

This rally which was peaceful in every way was hugely populated by Baloch women & children, it was not the first huge mass protest of Baloch in Karachi but its definitely counted in the landmark protest of this city. The rally main chants were for the missing persons those who were kidnapped and taken forcefully without any judicial inquiries for their crimes & for those who were killed & dumped in this year and past 2 years, this ruthless policy was adopted in the year 2009 when three prominent Baloch leaders were killed and dumped in Murgap, Balochistan & it was the start of yet another Pakistani genocide against Baloch nation.

Dr Qadeer Baloch who is the leader of VBMP marched in the front with all the protestors asking for the release of the Baloch Missing persons and inquiries against those who were involved in mass killing of Baloch missing persons. “Years have passed but still we haven’t seen this civilian government to take a step against the enforced disappearance of Baloch missing persons & the biggest issue is that of the kill & dump of bodies of Baloch youths and political activists, it’s like a jungle law inside Balochistan where ISI, FC & other state institutions have a share in this mass murdering campaign” Said Dr Qadeer Baloch.

This mass murdering campaign is the biggest issue alright, the counting of the missing persons is ten in thousands & Killing of the Baloch activists has elevated to 500+ but still this civilian government is not sincere to look into the worsening situation inside Balochistan, like a policy to restrain the state institutions who are involved doesn’t exist .

The US hearing after which many Baloch thought that this must end the ruthless behavior of state against them but it didn’t & while there was an uproar in the senate & national assemblies but the ground reality of Baloch remain the same, Kill & Dump the Baloch activists increased day by day and the limit of genocide was removed from Baloch men to Baloch women & Children who are now the most debated issues, As Pakistani state institute are abducting Baloch women & Children it is also to be noted that the faith of these Baloch women is to be practically in the arms of the danger as it is widely reported than as many as 3 million Bengali women were sexually harassed by Pakistani forces in the late 1970 & the Baloch nation is afraid that the same will happen to the Baloch women if the international governments wont intervene and stop Pakistan’s barbarism.