Balochistan News: eight including three children and three women have been abducted by Occupying forces, Dera Bugti

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Occupied Balochistan : Pakistani army started a Major Military operation in RD 238, Bati, and different areas of Patfedar region of Dera Bugti.

According to sources that Occupying Pakistani military have launched a deadly offensive in different areas of Dera Bugti including RD 238, Bati. and killed Three Bugti villagers including a woman and a child in RD 238, and five other abducted by Pakistani Military from the same area.

Sources said after the Successful attacks of Baloch Republican Army where BRA Fighters killed 13 Personel and wounded 17, Occupying Forces killing the innocent people of the regions of Dera Bugti and calling them attackers .

Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti the Central Spokesman of Baloch Republican Party update his twitter account and said three villagers have been killed and several abduced by Brutal Pakistani Military during in operation and sat on fire their houses. Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti Further said Occupying Forces also abducted three women Janjari bibi W/O Lashar, Sabahi W/O Haji, Patoli W/O Juma and three Children 9 year old Sewa S/O Norhusan, 3 month old Bacha S/O Juma, 7 year old Wazira S/O Norhusanhave been abducted by occupying forces in RD Goranari

Note: Few Days back Pakistani Military abducted five Bugti Baloch from the Pirkoh region and today one of them recovered as dead body Namely Sabzl Bugti s/o Haq Dad Bugti in pitokh area of Pirkoh Dera Bugti. And Pakistani military not allowing the relatives of victims to take the body