A Bugti tribesman was killed who were abducted along five Baloch last week from Pirkoh: BRP

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The central Spokesman of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti has said his statement on yesterday, five innocent Baloch civilian have been abducted from Pirkoh by occupying forces last week. Sabzal S/O Haqdad have been killed after inhumanly tortured for two days in ISI torture cell.

His Mutilated dead body was thrown near FC check post in PeerSuri in Pirkoh. Brutal Notorious FC doesn’t let his relative to take the corpse. They are disrespecting the dead body and this event should be noted to Islamic world.

He add, Occupying Forces is violating the secrecy of Innocent Baloch’s Houses in gotsaleh in Dera Allah Yar and torturing the Baloch woman and plundering the house of innocent Baloch people in the name of search Operation. Nearly dozen of villagers have been abducted.

We appeal to International Human Right Organization and UN to take effective step against Pakistani barbarism on Innocent Baloch People in Balochistan.