Day: March 4, 2012

One more dead Body found in Naseerabad

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DERA MURAD JAMALI: A body has been recovered near Notal area of Naseerabad, police said. A police official said that locals spotted a body laying in the bushes along the road and informed police, adding that the body was moved to Dera Murad Jamali Hospital where the deceased was identified as Abdul Gahaffar Bangulzai, a resident of Bagh. Abdul Ghaffar was kidnapped on February 13 by unidentified men when he was on his way to Sibi from Bagh, police added. A case has been registered against unidentified kidnappers and a probe is underway. app


Four Bugti Baloch have been killed and dumd their mutilated bodies in sengsela area of Dera Bugti, (BRP)

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The central Spokesman of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti said, Four Balochs have been killed and dump their mutilated bodies in sengsela area of Dera Bugti, who have been abducted by occupying forces in dera bugti. Recovery of Mutilated dead body of Baloch Missing person continue unabated and Question mark for those who think that Baloch nation still want to be with brutal occupier Pakistan state.

He added, several innocent Baloch have been Abducted during brutal offensive of occupier forces in sengsela and pirkoh in dera bugti and transferred them to unknown location. On Saturday Kohzar S/O Thugya Bugti Baloch, Dimyo S/O Nohak Bugti Baloch, Mungal S/o Zaro Bugti Baloch and Raheem Bugt Baloch Bullet riddled Bodies were Dump in Segsela pitokh in Dear Bugti after inhumanly tortured By ISI and FC.

They do not have any kind of sympathies with Baloch they are just trying to blind the world. They are intensifying Baloch genocide policy because of maintain it brutalism on innocent Baloch people. International human right organization and United Nation must take notice of Pakistan atrocities against Baloch Nation and intervene in Balochistan and particularly do effective role to make Baloch free form Occupier state.